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Sprint Spokesman Scores Brilliant Product Placement In J. Lo's New Music Video

Posted by Hollywood Branded on July 24, 2017 at 9:31 AM

TOPICS | Branded Content & Integration, Celebrity Initiative, Creative Content, Social Influencer, Celebrity Endorsement

How The Sultry Pop Queen And Sprint Teamed Up

Product placement in music videos is a key tool for brand marketers looking to hit a large yet still targeted audience. Many times, like in television and film, the placements in music videos are subtle. Other times, as in J. Lo's case, they're as obvious as putting the brand's spokesperson in the actual video.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at Jennifer Lopez's new music video and its product placements, including the Sprint spokesman.

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The Bachelor Celebrity Influencers: From The Rose To The Followers

Posted by Hollywood Branded on July 12, 2017 at 8:11 AM

TOPICS | Celebrity Initiative, Social Influencer, Celebrity Endorsement

A Chance At Love Or Fame

Since 2002, one of America’s most popular reality drama shows is the Bachelor/ Bachelorette series. Throughout the show, contestants are trying to win over the hearts of the Bachelor or Bachelorette by obtaining a single red rose each week, so they have the chance to win the show - or at least have one more week of romantic adventures! For all but one contestant, they won’t walk away engaged with the final rose, but they may walk away with a whole new world opened to them:  Brand endorsement deals. 

There are always speculations over whether some contestants are on the show for “the right reasons” - to find love or find fame. But if played right, there is ALMOST the guarantee of becoming a celebrity social media influencer. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded discusses how past contestants of The Bachelor become viable celebrity social influencers for brand endorsements. 

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Cannabis Celebrity Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Posted by Hollywood Branded on July 11, 2017 at 7:01 AM

TOPICS | Celebrity Initiative, social influencers, Social Influencer, Celebrity Endorsement

The Newest Marketing High: Cannabis Celebrity & Social Influencers  

The hippie revolution of the 1960’s ushered the way for an emerging culture centered around the consumption of cannabis. Today, the plant, commonly referred to as “Mary Jane” or “weed”, has become a social hub for activists, influencers, enthusiasts, music artists, celebrities and the like to celebrate the euphoria-inducing drug in all its many uses.

As state regulations continue to evolve and mindsets towards usage become more open, even more celebrities will be becoming 'brand' advocates and open to partnerships.  In this blog post, Hollywood Branded shares our infographic showcasing current cannabis influencer marketing as brand advocates of the “cannabis culture”.

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