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    The Top 10 Brand Mentions In Sex And The City

    Posted by Stacy Jones on April 15, 2019 at 9:00 AM

    Sex And The City Is Brand Heaven

    Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie embody the life of luxury. Four successful women living, partying, working and dating in arguably the most fashionable city in the world leaves plenty of room for amazing product placement. Not only is Sex And The City the number one HBO comedy of all time, but it is wildly popular among the elite of television, winning 7 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globes, and 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    It went on to spawn two feature films as well, and transormed the way the world saw young professional women in New York. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded takes a look at the top ten brands mentioned by name in Sex And The City and why they were so important to the show.

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    Netflix's Crazy Popularity Boost Across Europe

    Posted by Chelsea Collins on April 12, 2019 at 10:30 AM

    Streaming Across The Pond

    Netflix has forever changed the way America watches television, and over the past two years they’ve started to cause that same disruption across Europe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, analysts predict that of Netflix’s 137 million subscribers, 30 to 40 million of them are in Europe, and they’re planning for an additional 15 to 20 million over the next five years, dramatically outpacing the subscription boom they experienced in the US.

    Their plan is simple. Dominate the market by creating as much original content as possible. The streaming giant is dedicating $1 billion to European content, including the addition of 153 new European originals in 2019 (compare this to the 81 originals in 2018). In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines how Netflix is expanding into Europe and what that means for international marketing efforts.

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    Brand Partnerships With Movies Made From Books

    Posted by Tyra Dumont on April 5, 2019 at 11:29 AM

    The Constant Battle

    "I liked the book better!" "No, I thought the movie was better!" This is a constant battle when novels are adapted into film. Whether you prefer one over the other, let’s be real… you are still going to end up at the theater to watch it.

    Adapted films usually have successful outcomes in regard to attendance because the book has already sparked people’s interest and there is an engaged fan base. Although, how do you market such a film when the fans already have such considerable expectations? How do you reach those expectations in branding this phenomenon? And as a brand, how do you jump on a potential gravy train of success? In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses important aspects when marketing an adapted film's brand, and how brands can capitalize on strategic partnerships. 

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    Toy Story Effect: How Film's Product Placement Increased Sales Of Toys

    Posted by Stacy Jones on April 1, 2019 at 4:15 PM

    Entertainment Content Has Long Been Considered A Major Sales Tool

    Entertainment content is considered a major sales tool for toy brands, and one of the films that has the biggest impact on toys in recent years is the Toy Story franchise, the first computer animated film in Hollywood. Kids everywhere watched and wanted to join the lives of Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story gang.  Having released 3 Toy Story films to date (with a 4th coming out this year), Disney and Pixar have made some of the film's featured toys household names to younger generations.  From Etch-A-Sketch, Slinky to Mr. Potato Head, Generation X's favorite toys have been introduced to children all over the world.
    In fact, one of these toys was actually out of business when the first Toy Story came out in 1995 by director John Lasseter.  And demand brought the toy (and jobs) back! In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at how Toy Story product placement increased sales of toys.

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    How To #15: 9 Steps To Successfully Plan A Talk Show Integration

    Posted by Stacy Jones on March 25, 2019 at 12:07 PM

    Making Sales Happen With Talk Shows

    National - and local - talk and entertainment news programs offer one of the fastest, most affordable and engaging platforms to reach and influence the (largely) female TV viewer and primary household buyer decision maker.  Brands obtain major cache from the implied celebrity endorsement from the show's hosts,  and the impact of consumer engagement can be easily tracked by rises in web traffic and online searches and even sales.  

    However, neglecting to plan the talk show activation can jeopardize the potential benefits and cause home viewers to tune out instead of tuning in and purchasing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides nine steps to activating a talk show integration to guarantee website traffic increase, celebrity endorsement perception and sales success!

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