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Endorsement Deals With Sofia Vergara - TV's Highest Paid Actress

Posted by Hollywood Branded Inc. on June 18, 2015 at 8:37 AM


The Industry's Femme Fatale

Sofia Vergara has been nominated in over 40 awards categories, winning 6 of them. In comparison to some other actresses she's not the leader of the pack in this meaurement of talent prowness, but in the income category, the Columbian-born comedian has got everyone beat.

The Modern Family star has been listed as number one on - three times. The bilingual actress’s $30-million earnings is due in large part to her multi-cultural appeal, which has made her one of the most in demand spokespersons.  We take a look at what has made Sofia Vergara such a great partner to so many brands.

Widespread Celebrity Endorsement Appeal

The 42-year-old actress is not only one of the major stars of the Emmy-winning comedy, but she has secured celebrity endorsement deals with Diet Pepsi, CoverGirl, Rooms to Go, Comcast, State Farm Insurance and thyroid medicine Synthroid. In addition, Vergara has her own clothing line with K-Mart.


Vergara’s ability to capture a booming Hispanic market has put the Sofia Vergara Collection well ahead of her business competition, namely the Kardashian Kollection for Sears by the Kardashian sisters, who trail behind at number four on Forbes’ highest paid actress list.

The Latina actress is looking to reach the growing Spanish-language market in television as well. She is the executive producer of Killer Women, a new drama on ABC, and co-founder of management company Latin World Entertainment, which recently pitched a half-hour comedy with a starring Latina female role to Fox.


So Why The Appeal?

While it is certainly a plus that the Latina actress appeals to the rapidly-growing Hispanic consumer market, Vergara’s star power and influence extends well beyond the Latin community. She is a curvaceous, fashion-forward sex icon who appeals to women and men by holding a Diet Pepsi can or gracing the cover of a high fashion magazine. She is a devoted, single mother who appeals to the everyday, family-focused mom with her K-Mart clothing line.

Without a doubt, Vergara’s versatility and ability to traverse cultural boundaries has been invaluable to the brands she endorses.


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