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How To Create Marketing Products That Suit your Brand 

The world of marketing is a vastly complex arena of consistently shifting requirements, techniques, and challenges to overcome. It is nonetheless an essential part of business and often determines the success of a brand in a countless number of unique capacities.  

Marketing by nature is incredibly fluid, always evolving and meeting new demands through both creative and logistical means, which is one of many reasons why a competent marketing professional is held in such high regard. Because quite frankly... it's easy to mess it up.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides 6 tips to help you create marketing products that have the potential to evoke the quality and integrity of your company

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What Are Your Company Values? 

If you were hoping to expand your business in time for a bright future or extend your reach and recognizability, it can be immensely important to pay close attention to even the seemingly most trivial of details. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to creating an all-encompassing, idiosyncratic, and highly respected brand image, no detail is too small to overlook. Including one that is often not the first thing thought of.

In order to create products that are tailor-made to fall in line with your company’s ideals, it is essential to first note the values in which you as a business wish to promote and practice.  

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This is crucial to the development process of products, as it can very often inform the way in which you go about designing the overall aesthetic. For example, if your business vocally promotes the use of sustainable materials and green energy, this factor might take precedence in the manufacturing process, the final message of your promotional merchandise and the way in which you distribute your product.  

For many modern consumers around the world, knowing that a company represents social responsibility and practices healthy working and manufacturing efforts makes all the difference between whether they engage with your product or turn elsewhere. This might be especially true of the millennial generation, who in many instances will seek out a company solely on how their values align.  

Relevant Merchandise 

Reigning it in and returning to basics is a simple yet effective way to help you decide which type of marketing product will best fit your brand. Keeping it relevant to the interests of your demographic is a key point to think about in this regard. If you already know who your target audience is, then choosing related, promotional merchandise can be a relatively simple endeavor.  

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For example, if you sell sports products or outdoor lifestyle equipment and services, you might want to consider offering beautifully embroidered backpacks bearing your logo, custom-designed and readily available. This way, you can advertise your business with limited energy.  

Similarly, if you happen to operate a business that primarily sells services, you may wish to think about creating branded stationery or return to the classic white tee or trucker hat. 


When it comes to the physical product, aesthetics is truly one of the most vital ingredients in the recipe for an effective design. It can directly influence how your brand is perceived in the most immediate sense, so putting some extra time into making it look good is an ideal first step in the process. 

Think about such aspects, including the texture and quality of the material used, the color scheme, the font, the position of the logo, the potential use of images, and whether or not the finished product fits with the concurrent fashion aesthetic. It is worth bearing in mind the effect you wish to create, whether that is a design that stands out in a cacophony of color, or it presents a more sleek, traditional, and simple approach.  

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Returning to your company’s core values can once again help to inform this decision, as idiosyncrasy is of extreme importance when working on marketing a recognizable brand image. Tone of voice is also worth noting here, as it can help to design what the audience expects of your company.  

For example, if you opt for a more conversational tone in your copywriting, light-hearted and offbeat design aesthetics may be the way forward. Whereas if you are trying to promote a more traditional approach to business, taking a minimalist, monochromatic stance may be the ideal way forward.  

In some cases, less is often more, and letting the logo speak for itself is a superb way to present calculated professionalism.  

Consult Your Employees 

Collaboration is a wonderful tool you should strive to include in your arsenal, as it can help you to fully grasp a sense of what your company stands for. The employees are the heart and the engine of any efficient company and are certainly worth consulting throughout the process.  

Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meetingYou may wish to ask questions such as: what does the company represent for you? What do you value in your work, or what is your interpretation of the company’s mission statement? 

This can be a good way of working on any text you may wish to include in your final design for your marketing product, as it can help capture the inner workings of your business and what it truly represents.  

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Hire a Professional Designer 

Hiring a professional designer is vital, as trying to get the job done yourself can prove to be an unnecessarily difficult part of the process without the right training, knowledge, or tools. 

To ensure that you get the best results possible, it might be worth clearly outlining your company’s mission statement, along with any slogans, ideas, and logos you may wish to include.  

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Working closely with the designer throughout the entire process can help you to maintain your sight of the desired outcome without having to make too many drastic and unexpected changes further on down the line.  


Getting the entire point of your company across in a single design can be extremely tricky, so it is worth thinking about the primary points that drive your business 


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This might mean including information about whether your company is a small, customer-centered operation, which location your business represents, and of course, what you do that’s better than every other company

Key Takeaways

What is important and needs to be kept in mind during any step of the marketing process is that image is everything. It is important that your brand is accurately representing you and your company so that the public always sees the what you want them to and the best version of that.

A brand should be quite personalized and as a result there is step-by-step branding guidebook that suits every company. Every company has different goals, values, and audiences and what may work for one brand may not necessarily work for another.

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