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    A Day In The Life At Hollywood Branded

    Posted by Stacy Jones on October 26, 2017 at 12:15 PM

    Reading Scripts, Watching TV and Going On Set Visits

    We love how busy we are at Hollywood Branded - and no day is ever the same.  But there are some standard day-to-day activities we do on a consistent weekly basis.  To shed a little light for future employees and interns(and those who are just curious), we've created a behind the scenes look at what life is like at Hollywood Branded.

    After all, there aren't that many jobs that pay you to read scripts, watch TV shows and movies, and scan the internet and social media to keep up on the latest celebrity gossip. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares a behind the scenes look at the daily activities our team does to create successful campaigns for our clients.

    A Day At Hollywood Branded.png

    Script Reading

    For the mega-big blockbusters, we go to the studios to read the scripts. But for independents and many other studio projects, scripts are sent our way to read and breakdown for prospective opportunities for our clients.

    Our team reads the script, breaks down the brand opportunities that are apparent and in your face, and then digs in deeper to find opportunities that might not be first thought of.


    Lots And Lots Of Meetings And Phone Calls

    And of course, our agency has meetings of all types throughout the week... every week.  From phone calls to in- person formal or casual visits, meetings make up a major part of our day to day operations for many of our non-admin team members.

    • These can range from having someone from a production come into the office, or our team dropping by a TV or film set to chat with a producer, director, prop master, set decorator, craft services... or anyone else about either current brands on set, or to discuss new opportunities.
    • Or with new prospective clients who we meet with to explore if our team and theirs is the right fit together for their goals in Hollywood.
    • Clients also come by to visit and meet, and we often take them out to sets for a behind the scenes tour or meetings with productions, networks or studios to discuss larger partnership opportunities.


    Contracts Contracts Contracts

    All of these deals require some intensive paperwork to make sure terms are met on all sides.  No product leaves our office without some sort of paperwork being filled out - from production sign off on receiving product and guaranteeing non-disparagement of the product, to more detailed bailment agreements outlining what expectations are in place for the higher valued product that is loaned out. 

    New Call-to-action

    The larger brand integration deals require the most time- consuming paperwork, often having lawyers chiming in from the TV network, the brand or our team hashing through the 'what if's'.  

    Contract example.jpg

    Shipping Out & Delivering Products

    We ship out or deliver products to sets and celebrities on a daily basis, responding as well to last minute needs that pop up overnight.  That means using our databases to track inventory and coordinating all elements of the delivery process - and return the items when finished.  That can mean on-set deliveries to sets all over Los Angeles, or anywhere around the world.  

    This also means we organize all of the brands we get the product in for and manage our warehouse too.


    Interviews With Press

    Media outlets reach out to our agency frequently for interviews ranging from questions around product placement to celebrity and influencer social media partnerships.  We even get asked (a lot) to weigh in on various celebrity gaffes and how they affect the celebrity's own brand image.

    You can read about some of our press here:

    Luxury Daily.png

    Watch TV.  And More TV.  And Go See A Film Or Two

    Our team watches A LOT of TV.  There is no getting around it. Someone has to.  Every time we place a product in a TV show or movie, we then need to watch the content.  And that can mean hundreds of hours of TV are watched looking for our placements.  For some placements, it's easy. We know the episode number and a general idea of what the scene is. But for others - like when we provide a phone for a character, or coffee cups and packaging to be on set and available to the prop master all season long, we have to actually watch each and every episode, looking for the appearance.  After we see an appearance of a client, we then have to clip the video and grab screen grabs and input it into our database for reporting.  We do a full write up explaining what we saw on screen, and provide a grade as well, to create a metric value of the placement.

    That can mean a lot of hours scanning content and inputting data.

    Talk Show Opportunities On TV

    And then of course there are the movies.  Every time we work on a movie, we need to go out to the theater to watch it.  Sometimes we get to see a screening or the premiere, but most of the times we are going on the day of the release to watch and take notes, and report back to the client on what made final edit.

    And then of course, once that film comes out on DVD or streaming, that is when we have to re-watch it, and clip the scenes so we can fully report back.

    Check out our blog Mad Men Case Study on Liquor Product Placement to see examples of our clipping content for reporting!

    Watch TV.jpg

    Potty Breaks For The K-9 Support Team

    Yep. We said it.  But really this is just a tongue in cheek way to talk about the fact that we are a dog-friendly office, and we do make sure our co-working doggy friends get outside to get some air and walks throughout the day. Which helps makes sure we get some air and walks too.  The dogs are around if someone needs a friendly drop-by smooch, and they are always up for a handshake or tummy rub.  And to make sure people share their lunch or snag a chicken treat.  

    On a day to day basis we have Sadie the German Shepherd mix and Leia the Cocker Spaniel, but we also get an additional office visitor from one of our team's friends in need of a place to visit.

    Dogs.png Symone (a sometimes visitor), Sadie & Leia...lined up for a chicken treat

    Research And More Research

    And then of course there are the databases we scour and the trades we read and the massive amount of time we spend googling online.  And there is a lot to loot into.  New music videos and song launches.  Green lit films.  TV shows going into pilot or being picked up by a network.  Celebrities who are pregnant or getting married.  Different red carpet events.  Our team is a font of information on Hollywood and all things that occur here.  Because that's what our specialty is - being a 'brain' that processes all that information that is out there, and matchmaking the opportunities with the brands we work with.


    Event Activations & On Set Shoots

    When we do a partnership, each person on our team is fully on board to activate it - and that can mean everyone across the company pitching in depending on the needs.  From being at the talk show or TV/film shoot, to setting up and working a Hollywood celebrity event, there are potential needs across all seven days of the week to help out.  Of course, with celebrities in the mix all along, which can make it even more fun when the days can be long.

    TV Shoot.jpg

    Blogs Blogs Blogs 

    Everyone on our team writes and hones their skills at putting thoughts to paper in an organized fashion.  We write about what is happening in Hollywood with brands, and on social media with influencers.  This helps us keep in the know, and share industry best practices with current and future clients alike. The only team members who don't write are our K-9 team!

    And every blog gets images created as well - allowing each person to hone their own design skills along the way.

    Blog Picture.png

    Signage For Events Or On Screen Needs

    Whether it is a TV or film that needs customized content for a subway, bus or possible farmers market scene - or an actual event that we need customized signage for, our team is always at the ready.  Many of our clients don't have the bandwidth to turnaround quick same-day signage needs, and we'll utilize available artwork and customize it to make it work for whatever the need.

    Celebrity invite to brand event ebook

    And while we have the professional software to make high quality artwork as needed, we've also found some great ways to make it pretty turnkey using software that is super easy and friendly.  Which means everyone on our team learns how to create graphics using software like Canva and  infographics using Piktochart - which we wrote a blog on our tools of the trade for all to learn from in our blog Graphics Cheat Sheet For Brand Marketers.


     Social Media Posts

    Whether for our own agency, or for our clients - our team are active social media posters.  For every single product placement or activation we curate social media posts that are turnkey for our clients, often posting directly for them, so that we can take the placement or activation and bring it to life for their own social media conversations.  We also post our educational tips and blogs across our own social media platforms, and on Instagram share insight on our team with a look behind the scenes.

    PassionRoses Instagram.png

    And That's A Wrap

    There is so much more that we do - and we invite you to start following our social media to get even more looks behind the scene!

    If you are interested in learning how product placement works, check out this e-book guide we designed that provides true insight on our industry and best practices.

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