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Eye-Catching Collaborations

The following eyewear companies have been successful while inviting celebrities to create their own lines within their brands. The relationships that these celebrities have with their respective brands show not only how these partnerships are organic, but also how cost affordable they are for consumers.

Making these specific product lines reasonably priced, allows consumers, to feel as though they can easily relate to the celebrity and their fashion. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores the trending relationship between celebrities and eyewear brands.

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Kim Kardashian West and Carolina Lemke

Progressive. Playful. Provocative. These words are fundamental to the Carolina Lemke brand. The way that Kim Kardashian West captures those words is spot on. The Kim Kardashian West Collection exemplifies fashion-forward styles that embody individuality.

Back in April, West partnered up with Carolina Lemke, an international eyewear label, to release a line of affordable sunglasses. The first release consisted of seven styles, then an additional six that came out in spring, followed by two that came out in July.

KK 1

West’s styles range from retro-inspired frames to current trends. The diversity of styles are on a scale of various silhouettes, a '90s-inspired frame, a metal-framed circular pair, etc. This new collaboration was put into place as a something-for-everyone approach. However, of course there is a little inspiration from the woman at the heart of the project! West was extremely interested in this partnership as it allowed her to express herself. Carolina Lemke and West worked together to create and design the collection.

kk 3

This partnership introduced Carolina Lemke’s brand into the North American market. West, having a130 million Instagram followers, definitely helps in spreading the word. It looks like they chose the right partner. The CEO of Carolina Lemke, Mordi Shabat, said in a statement that. "Yes, she has a global audience, but we also found something new when we co-designed this collection. Kim gave us a fresh perspective."

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Ashley Benson and Privé Revaux

Ashley Benson announced her first ever sunglasses collection, Privé Revaux X Benzo, in July of this year. Benson had been working with Privé Revaux for a few years but this was the first time she participated in the design process.

Benson 3

Benson, came up with the three following styles; The Olive which is a cat eye named after her puppy; the Planco, named after her best friend and publicist, a unique rectangular pair complete with side panels, and the Victoria, Benson’s middle name, an oversized take on every day. Each has polarized lenses, anti-blue light technology and the the Privé Revaux x Benzo mark. Her line of glasses retail for $39.95, which is considered premium for Privé, whose other models sell for $29.95.

benson 2

Within 24 hours of the release, two of the three styles were out of stock. Benson, knowing that many of her fans are younger, wanted to make sure her line was affordable. Ashley said in a statement that “it’s been a labor of love working on this capsule collection with Privé Revaux. I’ve been a huge part of the brand since the beginning, so being given the opportunity to create my own line was exciting, to say the least.”

J. Lo + A. Rod and Quay

As of March 2019, the J.Lo is not just a model of the shield sunglasses style now thanks to her new collaboration with Australian sunglasses brand Quay. Jennifer Lopez can call herself a designer too. Quay, The Australian-based global eyewear company, knocked on J.Lo and A.Rod’s door for a partnership opportunity, allowing them to each create a line of affordable sunglasses. J. Lo’s collection for women launched at the same time as her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez’s, line for men. J.Lo and A.Rod have been fans of Quay since 2015 which allowed this partnership to me extremely organic.

jloarod 1

The most important part of their campaign was that they wanted their designs to capture both of their personal styles. They wanted a mixture of sexy and glamorous and to let their self-expression take the reins to show who they really are.

The QUAY X JLO range is made up of six styles with multiple colors, metal accents, flashy finishes and very oversized. The women's line comes in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, retailing for $60 USD each.

jlo 2

Alex Rodriguez's athleticism and fashion make him an ideal candidate for a partnership with Quay’s men’s line. The QUAY x AROD collection is comprised of five styles in numerous colors. The styles include a laidback feel with polarized lenses and premium materials for max durability retailing for $50-$60 USD each.

arod 1

Quay Australia’s CEO Jodi Bricker commented, "Partnering with Jennifer and Alex gives us the ultimate ability to bring that magic to our community. They are both genuine fans of the brand, which is so important to Quay. Individually they are powerful; together they are unstoppable."

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Hilary Duff and GlassesUSA

Back in January of 2018, Hilary Duff partnered with the leading online eyewear retailer, GlassesUSA.com. This partnership was outlined as a mission to empower women and help them in feeling confident in who they are. Duff’s styles include a range of over 80 frames to partake in this mission. All the glasses reflect Duff’s style as well as the women who have inspired and helped her along the road.

hilary 1

Muse X Hilary Duff’s collection is set at an affordable price of $100 a pair. Every part of the line from the small personal messages to fans to the packaging help in conveying the message of being confident in yourself. Duff said in a statement, "When you are comfortable in your own skin and proud of who you are, you can focus on what’s important in your life.” 

Her glasses line includes a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that come in sunglasses as well as prescription glasses. GlassesUSA CEO, Daniel Rothman said that "GlassesUSA.com is thrilled to be partnering with Hilary Duff on this collection. We believe that her honest, outgoing, approachable personality, perfectly aligned with our brand values.”

hilary 2

To Sum It All Up

Overall, having the right celebrities create their own product lines within existing brands can be extremely valuable. Even more so, would be finding the celebrities that already have a relationship with the brand as it allows for partnerships to be natural.

Fans are extremely interested in what their idols are wearing, especially these days. When a celebrity posts a brand name on Instagram it intrigues the consumers and drives them to the brand's website. And when these lines are affordable it makes it that much more inviting to the consumer which can help skyrocket sales.

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