Five Instagram Hacks For B2B Brands That Grow Your CTR Up To 30% In 2 Weeks


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Learn How Instagram Can Bring Traffic To Your Website

Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms today.  But for B2B companies, there can often be major hesitation to embrace this mobile-friendly platform. Many B2B marketers don't want to constantly be producing original photos, and really just want to share blog content and general business information.

Which we totally get, but there are some awesome alternative options that are easy for brands to do. All of which our agency has tested for ourselves as well, and finds that it really works. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides five new Instagram hacks for B2B brands to bring traffic to your website, which will have your click-through rate grow up to 30% in just 2 weeks using Instagram Bio.

Five Instagram Hacks For B2B Brands That Grow Your CTR Up To 30% In 2 Weeks

#1 Build A Bio Similar to Instagram's Template

The very first thing someone sees on your Instagram page is your company's bio.  And if you create a link that lives in that bio space, and then encourage people to click on it, you have a phenomenal way to drive people to even more clickable content.

But what should that link actually point to? Your website? Nope.  It should actually be a landing page that looks very similar to the Instagram template layout you already are using. 

We've been using a smart tool called Later that helps us update our content consistently and get our followers to read our influencer marketing content through Instagram. They have a tool that is called that is super helpful here... as you can actually use that to build your page. 

As described on their website, " helps you build a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed so you can direct your followers to the right content and product pages right from your Instagram bio! By adding links to your posts, you can begin to design an interactive page that is meant to look and feel just like your Instagram feed."

And the content for B2B brands is going to be your blog posts, company articles, press releases, media coverage, and other super clickable content, all of which provide more information about your company.

This is a great way to point your audience to your official blog posts. You can create a custom landing page as an alternative, but we've found it's just SO MUCH EASIER (and effective) to replicate the Instagram design for your bio since the goal is to target mobile users who are coming from your Instagram platform. makes the whole experience seamless.

The reason why we started using Later is -- it doesn't require us a lot of work regarding scheduling posts and analyzing customers' behavior. Their built-in tools sync in every time we do social share scheduling. And there are actually not a lot of tools available that work to allow you to schedule across your Instagram accounts, yet at least.  We bet there will be more in the future, but for now, this is one of the most user-friendly software technologies we've found. 

Check our official Instagram BIO on any device and experience how responsive it is.  We've built it using LinkedIn.

Holywood Branded official responsive Instagram bio

#2: Be Creative - Double Tap Instagram Graphics Work! 

Posting double-tap graphics at least once a week can spice up your news feed. Also, it's an excellent strategy for brand awareness. The more someone double taps, the longer your company stays in their feed, which means more exposure for you. 

Check out GaryVee's Instagram double-tap design!

instagram double tap strategy by garyv

You can use animated designs, real-life photos, or any graphic design approach you like as long maintain your brand voice...

"Instagram is a great place to show your brand culture and that brand is real- and backed by people who have fun!"

- Stacy Jones | Hollywood Branded CEO (This is tweetable!) 

New Call-to-action

#3 Add A CTA That Highlights Your Instagram Bio

So once you've built your bio, it's time to highlight your post and get people to start clicking!

Adding an upper or lower third Call To Action (CTA) on your Instagram post can be helpful to inform your audience that the content can be accessed on your bio. Alternatively, you can also include this in your Instagram description. And of course, don't forget to add an optimized #hashtag. 

Here's a Hollywood Branded recent blog post on Instagram:

Hollywood Branded instagram blog post

#4 Spy On Your Top Follower's Activity

See the posts your followers who were recently engaged with to get an idea of other strategies you can add to your Instagram marketing tactics.

While, in the past, users were easily able to find their followers' activities on the "following" tab, Instagram, unfortunately, nixed that function in 2019. 

Have no fear, though! You can use apps like mSpy or SnoopReport to privately look into specific followers' activities. While this process is a time-consuming one, it can give you some incredible leads in terms of making sales! 

New Call-to-action

#5 Study What Time And Day Your Followers Engage The Most

Make sure you have a tangible goal every time you start a campaign.  How? Be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.)  Let's say you want to increase your engagement or bio visits by at least 30% over the next quarter. Not an easy plan, but doable.  And it's why you need to know how your customers behave. Just tweak and continue to tweak until you find the holy grail.

It helps that you can check out the analytics Instagram provides, which include:

  • Followers
  • Age
  • Top locations

Hollywood Branded Instagram Analytics In 2 Weeks 

While engagement and follower count are important, as we were testing this new strategy we were extremely pleased with the performance, with a jump of 30.2% CTR on our bio visits. It is a step higher than just liking or commenting...someone is directly visiting more content to learn more. During the test time period, almost 1/4 of our total views showed interest in the content posted enough to click to learn more.  I mean really if you think about it... promoting a blog post and getting someone to click to read more is a lot more difficult than getting someone to like a cute photo of puppies or kittens.  And that's the challenge B2B marketers truly have. 

hollywood branded click ratio when we apply the new instagram hacks 2018

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How High Of A CTR Can We Get?

So can we get higher than a 30.2% CTR? We think so! The more we analyzed our stats, we found some holes to continue to tweak, especially around the time we should be posting.  So as with any social media strategy, we will keep on tweaking and trying new things, to see how we can make our B2B social media marketing perform better.

And for your company, most importantly, before trying out this marketing strategy, you want to make sure that the quantity vs. quality of your audience is reasonable. Check out our blog on the Five Ways To Spot Fake Instagram Followers to get a better idea of how to optimize your Instagram profile.

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