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The Magic of Product Placement

Welcome to the world of product placement, where we explore the complex and fascinating industry of integrating brands into films and TV shows. Although many brands are interested in product placement, few realize the intricacies involved in building successful integrations. At our agency, we take a comprehensive approach to develop the right strategy and approach that turns brands into mutually beneficial partnerships for production.

But, even with a well-planned approach, there are still many hurdles to overcome, including resistance from distributors and directors who may limit brand partnerships. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the five issues that consistently stop brand partnerships from proceeding. 

Five Issues in Brand Partnerships

1. Celebrity Endorsement

Let's talk about how celebrities launching their own brands can sometimes make it hard for other brands to get their products in front of audiences. Many famous people create their own brands without thinking about additional marketing budgets, and assume that their fame alone will be enough to make their brand successful. But this often means that other brands can't get their products featured alongside the celebrity, even if the celebrity is starring in a TV show or movie. This can be a big missed opportunity for those brands.

Sometimes, celebrity endorsements come with non-compete clauses that prevent other brands from being associated with that celebrity, even in on-screen roles. Many brands don't think to plan for this, so they miss out on opportunities to feature their products.

Occasionally, brands don't even know when their celebrity partners will be filming new movies or TV shows, so they miss out on chances to collaborate. This is where having an agency in Hollywood, like Hollywood Branded, can be really helpful.

When brands opt out of featuring their products alongside celebrities, it can be hard for production teams to find other brands to work with. This is especially true for categories like watches, alcohol, cosmetics, and skincare. So, if you're a brand looking to collaborate with a celebrity, make sure to plan ahead and be aware of any non-compete clauses or other obstacles that might get in your way.

Ed Sheeran has been a long time fan of Heinz Ketchup! It's not just a fling - he's got a tattoo of their logo on his arm and one-third of Heinz's Instagram posts mention him. This is a perfect example of how brands should identify celebrities who are already interested in their products and team up to create something fun and exciting - like the "perfect" bottle of ketchup, or as they call it, Edchup!

( Heinz)

2. Budget 

Do you know what's more valuable than a billboard or a commercial on TV? Product placement! That's when a brand pays to have their product featured in a movie or TV show. It's become super competitive, with lots of big brands wanting in on the action. And guess what? Studios are now charging double or even triple what they used to for this kind of advertising.

Directors are becoming more interested in product placement, but they'll only consider it if the budget meets their expectations. In fact, the minimum budget for product placement is now 5 times what it was just a few years ago! But the good news is that the exposure is worth it. Movies and TV shows are shown in theaters, on demand, streaming, airlines, hotels, and more, which means millions of people will see the brand over and over again for years to come. So, brands need to know that they'll have to pay a pretty penny to be part of the latest pop culture trends.


3. Promotions + Licensing 

Studios are looking for brands who want to go beyond just being featured on screen, and who are willing to create co-branded product lines through licensing, or at least support promotionally through co-branded media. When brands don't have those assets to offer, they get placed last in line for consideration.

We've even now seen partnerships of late where a brand will be replaced during filming when another bigger partner steps in late to the game. Not the best for building relationships, but bottom-line decision-making is often driven by dollars and cents.  


( Forbes)

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4. Timing 

There is a sweet spot in timing to work with a production and it is a very narrow window - often just weeks. The decision-makers aren't ready to make a decision until they have a crew in place, and once a crew is in place the clock countdown to production day one is often within thirty to sixty days.

When you get offers to the production at the last minute as a brand team typically takes more time than is truly feasible to make a decision, the window becomes tight to actually get the Director's proper attention. Once a film starts shooting, the Director is not as available and the brands are no longer their priority.

Movie Time

5. Distribution 

Don't get too caught up in the big distribution platforms, because even the little guys can pack a punch. Distribution platforms can offer value to brands, even smaller ones that may have niche audiences. However, brands often get stuck on bigger platforms and miss out on potential opportunities. Timing can be a factor in decision-making, causing brands to miss out on ideal opportunities. Brands that want to work with top celebrity talent may need to pay high fees, as many celebrities require endorsement fees. To succeed, brands need to be agile and keep searching for the right partnerships that align with their strategies.

Social Platforms

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Eager To Learn More?

Product placement is not just about throwing money at a production to get your brand featured on screen. It's a complex process that requires careful planning, creativity, and expertise.  Brands need to understand that there are many hurdles to overcome, from celebrity endorsement limitations to budget constraints. To learn more on the magic on product placement from these amazing blogs: 

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