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Welcome Back, Sports Fans!

Let’s reflect on one of the most highly anticipated events each year, ladies and gentlemen - the Super Bowl! As millions of fans around the world tune in to watch their favorite teams compete for the championship, there's another competition brewing behind the scenes. We're talking about the battle of the Super Bowl ads, where companies spend millions of dollars to grab our attention and win our hearts (and wallets).

Now that the dust has settled and the game is over, it's time to review the ads that made us laugh, frown, and scratch our heads in confusion. From celebrity cameos to nostalgic stories, the 2023 Super Bowl ads had it all. So sit back, grab some snacks, and let's take a closer look at the best and most unexpected commercials of the night. In this blog, Hollywood Branded showcases and reviews the best commercial ads of the Super Bowl 2023.

The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2023

Why The Super Bowl?

The 2023 Super Bowl has come and gone, leaving us with not only a new champion but also a fresh crop of Super Bowl ads to enjoy. While we all love to debate the best and worst commercials of the night, it's worth reflecting on why companies continue to invest millions of dollars in advertising during big events like the Super Bowl.

For starters, events like the Super Bowl allow companies to reach a massive audience in a single moment. With millions of viewers tuning in from around the world, advertisers have the potential to showcase their brand to a captive audience unlike any other. And with social media allowing fans to share and discuss the ads in real-time, the buzz generated by a successful Super Bowl ad can continue long after the game has ended. Suppose you’re interested to learn more about the Super Bowl’s viewership or the cost of advertising during the event. In that case, I advise you to check out the blog post of Hollywood Branded’s CEO, Stacy Jones, who took a closer look and summed up interesting facts and stats about the business of the Super Bowl LVI. But it's not just about the numbers. Advertising during high-profile events like the Super Bowl also allows companies to associate their brand with the excitement and energy of the occasion. By aligning themselves with the positive emotions of fans rooting for their favorite teams, companies can create a strong emotional connection with consumers beyond the product itself.

So, let’s get right into it and look at this year’s Super Bowl commercials and their star-guests.

A list of the brands in Super Bowl LVII | Ad Age

Pete Davidson's Hellman's Mayo

One of the most talked-about commercials of the 2023 Super Bowl was the Hellman's mayo ad starring Pete Davidson, Brie Larson, and Jon Hamm. In the commercial, Pete Davidson plays a "mayo master" who lords over Larson and Hamm, showcasing his expertise in pairing the condiment with different foods. The ad is a clever mix of humor and foodie culture, with Davidson's over-the-top personality stealing the show. Larson and Hamm play along as his loyal mayo apprentices, creating a fun and lighthearted commercial that resonates with viewers. This commercial is the perfect example of advertising agencies creating “mini-movies” that feature celebrity cameos and dazzling special effects rather than traditional advertisement clips. Overall, Hellman's mayo ad stood out during this year's Super Bowl, proving that even the most unexpected brands can create engaging and memorable commercials with the right combination of humor and creativity. Also, let’s be honest… who didn’t get a watery mouth looking at the crispy sandwich Pete cooked in the ad?

The Super Bowl 2023 Hellmann's Mayo Ad feat. Pete Davidson, Jon Hamm and Brie Larson

Tubi's Rabbit Hole - Too Weird?

The Tubi: Rabbit Hole ad during the 2023 Super Bowl was a clever take on the streaming service's ability to immerse viewers in a wide variety of content. The ad features several people being pushed down a literal rabbit hole by a human-sized rabbit and entering a fantastical world filled with characters from different movies and TV shows, all available to stream on Tubi. The strange human-sized rabbit dragging it’s “victims” down the hole implies the captivating nature of Tubi’s offered content. This touch of absurdity may be weird to some viewers, but it makes the ad all the more memorable. As people navigate this surreal world, they encounter characters from various movies and TV shows, all of which are available to stream on Tubi. Overall, the Tubi: Rabbit Hole ad stood out during the 2023 Super Bowl, highlighting the streaming service's ability to transport viewers to many exciting and entertaining worlds.

Tubi's Super Bowl 2023 Rabbit Hole Commercial

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Tubi 2.0 - Faking All Of Us Out

What a bold move, Tubi. During the 2023 Super Bowl, Tubi aired a 15-second commercial that played a clever prank on viewers. The advertisement was designed to make it appear that someone in the viewer's home had taken control of the remote and switched the TV from the game to Tubi's listing guide. The ad was executed seamlessly, convincing many viewers that they had lost control of their TV. This prank was a fun way to showcase Tubi's creativity and willingness to take risks, proving that even a short advertisement can leave a lasting impression on audiences (and for sure many short-term raging football fans).

Tubi Interface Interruption Commercial for the Super Bowl 2023

Dunkin's Drive-Through With Ben Affleck

The Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl ad "Drive-thru with Ben Affleck" showcased the brand's famous slogan "America runs on Dunkin" in a humorous way. The ad featured actor Ben Affleck working at a Dunkin' drive-through and surprising customers who recognized him, including his wife, Jennifer Lopez. The commercial was a clever play on the idea that even celebrities need their daily dose of caffeine and sweetness to keep up with the fast-paced American lifestyle. The Super Bowl, a quintessentially American tradition, provided the perfect backdrop for Dunkin' to showcase its brand's connection to American culture. Overall, the "Drive-thru with Ben Affleck" ad was a fun and engaging way to remind viewers that Dunkin' is an essential part of American life.

America Runs On Dunkin' 2023 Super Bowl Commercial feat. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Tell Me More, Tell Me More...T-Mobile

Wrapping up with my personal favorite, leaving me with an everlasting earworm: T-Mobile: New neighbor. Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a…T-Mobile? This 2023 Super Bowl ad was an unquestionable entertaining commercial that celebrated the company's 5G home internet service. The ad featured a Grease-inspired musical number with triple-threat entertainer John Travolta joining actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison. The trio delivered an upbeat and playful performance that showcased T-Mobile's commitment to providing customers with high-speed internet service. The "New neighbor" ad was a creative way to promote T-Mobile's 5G home internet service, and the inclusion of Travolta, Braff, and Faison made it a memorable moment during the Super Bowl. Maybe it’s because I’m a Grease-lover. Still, for me, the ad was a perfect blend of humor, music, and technology that captured my attention while also highlighting T-Mobile's innovative approach to internet services.

Super Bowl 2024 - What’s Next?

I could go on and on… and on with more Super Bowl commercials, starring even more big names as testimonials (like the Rakuten Clueless reunion having Alicia Silverstone returning to her iconic role as Cher - simply excellent). Still, then we’d be sitting here reading until tomorrow.

Testimonial or not, in the end, the success of any advertising campaign ultimately comes down to the quality of the content and the strength of the brand message. But for those lucky enough to secure a spot during the Super Bowl or other major events, the potential rewards can be well worth the investment. So here's to another year of memorable ads and exciting events - we can't wait to see what next year's Super Bowl has in store!

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