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Spotted In Public - Matching! 

The Kardashian's and Jenner's know that when they step out in public, cameras are going to flash and record their every move. As some of the biggest stars right now, it doesn't take long for the paparazzi to get a tip and make their way to a location. The Kar-Jenner lifestyle has been in the public eye since the beginnings of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, remember those days.

Being in the spotlight all the time isn't the easiest, because every move is open to judgement and assumption by the public. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines Kendall Jenner's relationship status with Coca-Cola after she posted a curious picture of them together.

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How It All Started

The most recent issue concerns a photograph of Kendall Jenner and a Coca-Cola can. Many theorists attest to the idea that Kendall was modeling for a Coca-Cola PR stunt that was supposed to look like Paparazzi photos, despite the fact Coke denies paying her. But the other half, claim it was just by chance.

The story began after Kendall walked into a Bodega in SoHo, New York and purchased a single can of Coca-Cola. However, it was not just any can of can of soda, it was Coca-Cola’s new Orange Vanilla flavor which just so happened to match her outfit to a tee. She was wearing a tight midi dress, with matching earrings and high heels. The slightly over the top style of the outfit is a little out of the ordinary to run to a local convenient store, however Kendall is a glamorous model which makes it a little less suspicious.


Photos of Kendall walking out of the Bodega started popping up and social media users were quick to point out how she was perfectly color coordinated with the orange Coca-Cola can. Kendall also had the can facing forward so cameras were sure to catch the logo on the front. This had the public a little suspicious.

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How Social Media Is Responding

While some fans thought Kendall’s perfectly harmonious moment was innocent, others believed this was not just by chance. So now the ultimate question; is Kendall secretly advertising for Coca-Cola? Diet Prada is an Instagram account and fashion’s most influential voice around is said to be one of the most feared accounts in the industry. So, as I am sure you can guess, Diet Prada had quite a view on this so called “coincidence.”

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The fans seemed to stay divided on the comments. Half were claiming it was an innocent quirk and the other half claiming this was just too coincidental.

Review Of FTC Guidelines

However, if this was in-fact a paid sponsorship, this would turn into a bigger issue. This is because “FTC guidelines mandate that brands and influencers should clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing products through social media.”

Kendall did not post any language or hashtags to let her followers know this was a paid ad which allowed the public to believe what they wanted. This is where all things become a little fishy. Since Kendall did not post anything in regard to a paid sponsorship, Diet Prada went a step further to say “because Jenner did not write "#Ad" on her post, Coca-Cola could have been attempting "to skirt around the FTC's social media advertising guidelines."

Remember Her Pepsi Fiasco?

We are all aware that this is not the first soda-related storm for Kendall. Going back to 2017, Kendall was featured in a Pepsi commercial. The commercial contained individuals marching for peace while Kendall was in the middle of a photo shoot. After she saw the group, Kendall removes her costume and joins the crowd. She picks up a can of Pepsi and then hands it to a police officer. The advertisement was titled “Live for Now Moments Anthem,” and was accused of diminishing imagery from a Black Lives Matter Protest. After one day of the commercial being released, the commercial was pulled.

Coca - Cola's Response

Coca-Cola is refuting that they paid Kendall for the popular exposure. The brand told Refinery29 that "Kendall Jenner is not paid by Coca-Cola and this was not a paid placement. We are thrilled that she's a fan of our brand and incredibly appreciative of the insta-love. There is nothing better than drinking an ice-cold Coke on a summer day, and it was nice to see that Kendall agrees.” With Coca-Cola refuting the claims and Kendall not giving us any insight, it looks like this case is still ongoing.

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To sum it all up, Kendall could just love orange vanilla Coca-Cola, she could have been poking Pepsi (after the whole debacle), or she could have seen a soda that matched her outfit and decided to get it. It looks like we will never know the truth behind all of this. There are multiple ideas that have evolved from this and it looks like you will have to decide which one you want to believe.

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