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Straying Away From The 'K'

Has anyone else noticed some Diet Coke placements recently in some of the Kardashian’s Instagram posts and also in the first episode of their new HULU series, The Kardashians – or is it just me? I mean, I am accustomed to watching all types of productions with that keen eye for product placement and brand integrations and let me tell you, I think the Kardashians are up to something with The Coca-Cola Company – maybe their own line of ‘Kardashian Koke’ to stay attuned to their iconic double-K’s.

That may be a stretch, so we all are going to have to wait and see what actually is going on here but keep reading to find out why I think there is a partnership brewing between the two conglomerates. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses three Diet Coke-related placements within the Kardashian family and how this may hint at a larger partnership to come.

The Kardashian And Coke Blog

The Kardashians 

So I have to admit something – a guilty pleasure of mine. No, it is not chocolate or late-night runs to Mcdonald's. It is actually sitting down and watching (arguably) America’s most famous family every week on their reality show.

The family first started their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, back in 2007 on E!. Since then, the family has only continued to grow in stardom. From different businesses, fashion shoots, and marriages – the family knows how to stay relevant and build their Kardashian brand.

I see this family as more than just celebrities. I see them as a business unit run by their fearless leader, Kris Jenner. Say what you want, but I think Kris (and the whole family) are absolute geniuses when it comes to business. Get this, the family (Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and Rob) have a collective net worth of over $2 billion (yes with a ‘b’) dollars. I can write a whole other blog about this, but you don’t just get to that amount with a pretty face. You have to have brains behind the operation. That is why I find their show entertaining. I really love watching it to see them work together, build a business, and see how they come to life.

That is why when the family announced that they would end their reality show after 20 seasons, I was heartbroken. But thank God that didn’t last for long as shortly after they stated that they are back filming their new reality show, The Kardashians, for HULU.

The first episode came out on April 14, 2022, and you know I watched it the second it went live on the streaming platform! The episode was filled with product placement – from Ruffles to Capri Sun to Lamborghini cars. But one that stood out to me the most was a simple placement and verbal of Diet Coke.

But why that specific placement? Keep reading :) 

Everything-Kim-Kardashian-More-Kardashians-Have-Said-About-Their-Upcoming-Hulu-Show-001Source: US Weekly

The Two Instagram Posts 

Leading up to the premiere of their new HULU show, both Kim and Kourtney posted some pictures on Instagram – nothing out of the ordinary for the social media-savvy duo. However, from a marketer's point of view, I was able to connect some dots. Which is the first reason why I think the Kardashians may have some bigger deal with The Coca-Cola Company that is in the works.

Kim posted a photo to Instagram with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, as the couple was dining at what looked like an Italian restaurant. However, in the photo there is something that stands out – a Diet Coke can. Again at first, nothing crazy. We all love to sip on Diet Coke occasionally. However, what followed is what got my attention.

A post by her sister, Kourtney, in front of a Coca-Cola vending machine. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I think not.

Since then, the posts have combined ‘likes’ of over 13 million (with Kim’s post boosting over 11 million likes vs. Kourtney’s 2 million).

pete davidson kim kardashian cokeKourtney Kardashian coke

Source: Instagram 

Watch the Video

The Verbal Mention 

Now, this is where things get start to bubble up (get it?).

In the premiere episode of The Kardashians, the three sisters (Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe) go out to eat together as the cameras follow them along.  

What does Khloe order to drink? A Diet Coke.

We see the Diet Coke (in a regular cup) in front of Khloe. To the average viewer, it could be any dark soda. However, Kim made a point to bring up that it was Diet Coke.

She asks the waiter, “Is that from the fountain? The Diet Coke… I love a good fountain soda.”

BOOM – there is the verbal mention. Every viewer now knows that Khloe ordered a Diet Coke and that Kim also enjoys the refreshing beverage.

The Kardashians

The Kardashians

The KardashiansSource: HULU

New Call-to-action

The Brand Association 

With that verbal mention, Diet Coke (and The Coca-Cola Company) has been associated with the powerful Kardashian family three times in less than a month.

 The Kardashians have major influence over the purchasing power of their fans and followers. People trust and listen to them. Some may even say they want to be just like them. Which, in the case of Diet Coke benefits them greatly.

The idea that even this family – who is all about health and wellness – drinks Diet Coke showcases a positive brand association with the soda drink.

Even though nothing public has been announced between the family and brand, with these three placements, I think that we will be getting an announcement sometime soon.  

Or if in fact there is no partnership in place, and the Kardashians love drinking Diet Coke – well hey, that is the POWER OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT!

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