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How Do Women Like To View Branded Content? [Infographic]

Posted by Alexis Tawater-Tiedemann on September 20, 2017 at 9:32 AM

The Way Women Prefer To See Original Content Created By Brands

In a recent survey of 13,000 U.S. women in generations X, Y and Z by Influenster.com, it was revealed that 87% of women view branded or sponsored content in a positive light.  

This is great news for brands who fit naturally with branded or sponsored content, such as beauty, technology, lifestyle and wellness. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded takes a look at an infographic from AdWeek based on a recent survey about the ways in which women enjoy branded content.

Branded Content Ad Age Infographic Blog (1).png

Inside The Survey

Within the survey, it was revealed that women prefer their branded content to be genuine and relatable. When asked when women enjoyed branded content, 56% picked authenticity as a reason, 56% picked creativity as a reason, and 53% liked storytelling. However only 3% said they liked political content.

It also revealed that while social media is still the main source of sponsored content for viewers, which platform is defined by age group. While Gen X prefers Facebook, Gen Z uses Instagram and Snapchat.

All of this information is great to know for brand marketers. You know your sponsored content has the ability to market to women and this survey tells you just how.

The Infographic

This infographic from AdWeek breaks down Influenster's survey, showing us just how women of each generation enjoy and digest branded content.


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