How Much Kim Kardashian Charges For An Instagram Post

Posted by Hollywood Branded Inc. on August 3, 2016 at 7:54 PM

The Queen of Selfies: Kim Kardashian West

One of the most requested celebrity social media influencers for brands is… drum roll please… Kim Kardashian! At least until the brand learns that it will cost more than $250k for a single post. Some brand categories – diet teas, hair products, and vitamins which can be purchase online – get major traction in immediate sales from brand partnerships with social influencers. Others just get what any other typical form of advertising brings – awareness, which may eventually lead to sales.

However, Kim Kardashian, like all of the Kardashians in general, is the leading influencer online for social media posts. She knows what shes doing and how to capture an audience. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at recent fee driven branded Instagram posts by Kim Kardashian and why brands clamor to partner with the Queen of Selfies.


Taking A Lesson From Kim

Instagram is a beautiful place for people to showcase their artsy side but while most take photos of Starbucks and scenery, Kim Kardashian West has learned to use Instagram to display her glamorous life. From photos of her beautiful family to Kimoji’s and creative modeling photos, we think it’s safe to say Kim is no stranger to what people expect from her on social media. We all know that the reality star is quite wealthy, and certainly doesn’t need to earn money at this point in her life. And most might think it’s due to her successful show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on E!, but what many don’t know is that she gets paid per branded photo on Instagram. In fact, it’s a lot of cold hard cash or a percentage of business ownership. And many brands gladly pay.


An Unbelievable Global Reach

Over the last few years, Kim has cultivated a following of over 75 million people, and that’s just Instagram alone. But for someone that said her branding career was over back in 2015, it seems like the most popular Kardashian is starting to come back to the world of sponsored advertisements.

Yet every blog post is NOT sponsored. And these days less seems to be more – as either she’s getting more discerning in her brand partnerships, or brands are getting a little more reluctant to fork over potentially half a million dollars for a single post. 

Those Cute Little Sugar Bears

Kim Kardashian West posted an Instagram photo holding a little blue vitamin near her pearly whites.

The caption reads, “New obsession @sugarbearhair I have two of these a day as part of my hair routine. They are delish! #sugarbearhair #sp“.

Kim usually gets paid over $250k for a photo just like this one, and considering this particular photo received 935,339 likes, this means that Kim got paid about .27 cents per like. Although whether or not all of these likes are truly authentic engagements can be debated. An article from Page Six states that most social media start can make six figure incomes on any one of their social media posts and the Kardashian clan is known to do brand deals as a group for $500k or even six figures, and it’s no surprise that Kim receives over half of that for a single post. Or more – it just depends on the brand category. And competition in the marketplace. 


Fans And Brands Forgive

It seems like she’s finally over her mistake of last year where she posted and Instagram sponsoring Diclegis, a pill that she said cured her morning sickness, when the company hadn’t even tested the product in that way. Ouch! But Kim has grown from that and is starting to come back to advertisments, on her terms. “I love just posting when something is really authentic. I can smell a mile away when something is not authentic.” says the Kardashian, and we couldn’t agree more.

The majority of Kardashian West’s Instagram is consumed by adorable photos of Kim and her hubby Kanye West, travels with friends, and the classic naked photos that we all love, but this hasn’t stopped Kim from posting a sponsored Instagram photo every now and then. Needless to say, Kim knows what she’s doing when it comes to her Instagram and social media in general. In fact, brands should take note and learn from our previous blog, 6 Ways To Market Your Brand Like A Kardashian


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