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Product Placement Versus Brand Integration Explained

Posted by Hollywood Branded Inc. on May 7, 2015 at 8:00 AM

There's A Common Misconception

Believe it or not, though you may think that product placement and brand integration are interchangeable terms, there is a difference. A big difference when it comes to pricing, results on screen, and how you can actually market the partnership.  We take a look at the two practices side by side to provide you with in-depth understanding.

Here's The Difference

Product Placement and Brand Integration are an advertising and public relations technique used by companies to organically promote their products and services through appearances in film, television, music video or digital media.

To differentiate the two, Product Placement is the process through which an advertiser integrates a product into selected media for clear visibility. Although the product is visible, it is often not the focus, since it needs to fit almost seamlessly into the context of a scene or story. 


The three main types of placements are visual, verbal and signage

  1. Visual placement is recognizing the product and the brand’s logo clearly while it’s on-screen.
  2. Verbal placement is when a character mentions the brand by name or discusses the product's characteristics.
  3. Signage placement is when the actual product is not on-screen, but an ad or branded item is clearly visible.

Brand Integration on the other hand, is defined as a special type of placement in which the advertiser’s product is central to the program’s plot line. The brand is interwoven within the script, calling out specific product functions, showcasing unique features and the product is showcased on-screen to a high degree. This typically only occurs with a cash fee, media buy or significant production provisioning resulting in production savings.


Learn More

Hollywood Branded is here to help ramp up your entertainment marketing strategies. Our 2015 Survey results show that consumers are more likely to view a placement more favorably if it is an authentic fit with the film or television show. 

Are you interested in integrating your brand's product with a celebrity but simply don’t know where to start? There is more to product placement and celebrity endorsement partnerships than you may think and we are here to help you become better educated about the key tactics to best fit your brand. Download our Product Placement 101 Infographic today to start learning more!

Click to download our product placement 101 infographic


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