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Every brand manager today knows social media is an important part of the marketing mix to drive engagement and even searchability online.  And side note - if you aren't doing Google plus by they way, then boy are you missing out!  But with all the changes that occur - from Google and their pandas, pigeons, penguins and pirate algorithms to Facebook and Instagram restructuring what posts are seen by who - it's hard to keep up with best practices.

In this blog post Hollywood Branded shares this useful infographic by online office store Quill, which depicts the 13 steps for brands to successfully use Facebook.



A Quick Guide To Building Those Fan Followers

Facebook offers a number of ways a brand can build followers and engage fans.  And while there are so many new social media networks popping up, Facebook has remained one of the top few favored for brands to reach consumers.  Albeit it's a little harder now to be seen unless you have an active ad dollar campaign and boost posts.

Below are 13 tips for businesses to best use Facebook:

1. Your logo

Your profile picture should be some form of your logo.  It’s going to be seen whenever you comment, and will always be on your page.  Use Canva to size it to 180 x 180 pixels if you need some assistance.  We LOVE Canva for social media image creation.  You will never need Photoshop again. Or at least rarely…

2. Show Off Your Brand’s Best Angle

Create and share a great cover photo.  You have a large canvas to work with – make sure your image is up to the task so it’s not stretched out.

3. Give Your Photo Content Some Flair

Add some verbiage to your photos to bring them to life.  Also, bring in links to your website and blog posts, or articles about your brand.

4. About The Brand

Fill it out.  Let the fan be able to see what the company is about.  Have some great charity initiatives? Share that.  Have some quirky facts that are fun? Share that too. Be brief, but fun.

5. Get Them To Do What You Want

Put in a Call-To-Action – whether that be a download button for an article, coupon, e-book, or anything else.  If you ask, you might actually receive.

6. If There Is No Goal, You Will Never Meet It.

Everyone knows they should write down their own personal goals for both life and business.  And this applies to a brand’s social media sites too.  What IS the goal?  And then start tracking it to see when you will meet it, beat it, and need to re-goal.

7. It’s An App App World

Does your company have an app – make sure you share it on your social media.  Are there apps out there that are complimentary to what you do, or helpful in general to your fans? Add those too and share away.

8.Post Visual Content

Words are well, kinda yawn.  Obviously you need them, as you want to get your message across, but visual posts have higher engagement, and just get noticed.  A visual post doesn’t have to be just a photo either – it could be a short (key word here) video.

9. Be Like A Box Of Chocolates

Offer variety.  No one wants to be hit over the head with the same message day in and day out.  Change it up.  Don’t always promote your own brand.  Share content that is interesting to your fan base.

10. Showoff The Important Stuff

At the top of your page there is the ability to ‘pin’ a favored post.  Running a contest? Pin it there.  Have a sale going on? Pin it.  Have a content download offer? Then you know what to do.  Pin it.

11. Target Your Demo

Use social media tools to help you find out what time is best to schedule to reach your followers.  It allows you to also pre-plan and load up on posts, that will then calculatedly be shared based upon the schedule you have set.  Putting a few hours in to create the week’s plan versus going online every day will save you a tremendous amount of time overall.

12. Check Your Progress

See if your posts are garnering attention. Do people like them and share them? Great.  What can you do to make that happen even more?  Is your content so missing the mark that no one is sharing or liking? Then you need a new game plan, as having a pretty Facebook page your boss sees is not your goal – having a Facebook page that people use is.

13. Respond And Engage!

The rule of social media is to interact.  If someone posts a comment – good or bad – respond.


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