3 Ways to Reach Generation Z Using Influencers


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Time Flies By

Remember when every brand was scrambling to figure out how to market to Millennials? Some brands were paying up to $25,000/hour for consultants to come in and help them reach this up and coming buyer class. Brands like Coca Cola and Lay’s even went as far as shifting some of their flavors and product offerings to better appeal to the tastebuds of this growing demographic. Now, it's time we move onto the next up and coming buyer… Generation Z.

While Gen Z’s influence may not pass that of the Millennials anytime soon, it never hurts to get ahead of the curve. Sure, there are a variety of different ways to reach this demographic but there is one that stands out most to us, influencer marketing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores three ways to reach Generation Z using influencer marketing. 

How To Reach Generation Z Using Influencer Marketing

Who Is Generation Z?

Generation Z is defined as those born in the mid 1990s to mid 2000s. Gen Z is different than previous generations in that it is the first generation to be born with full access to the internet; hence, this explains why Gen Z is the 'internet generation'. Most Gen Z-ers have used the internet since a young age and are well versed in technology and social media. According to U.S. consultants Sparks and Honey, 41% of Generation Z spends more than three hours per day using computers for purposes other than schoolwork. With that said, for brands that are looking to effectively reach Generation Z, having an online marketing strategy is imperative for their success.

What Is The Best Way To Reach Generation Z?

The answer is simple, influencers. But, Generation Z is a bit different. There are few key things to keep in mind when using influencers to market to Gen Z. First, marketers must understand the world that Gen Z lives in. You must understand their likes, their dislikes, what platforms they hang out on, how they feel about various social and cultural issues, etc. Gen Z may be a young generation, but do not doubt their complexity. They are just as, if not more, nuanced as any other generation that’s come before them.

So, why is influencer marketing great for Gen Z? Generation Z views influencers as more than just online personalities, they’re viewed as peers. Considering the high amounts of time that Gen Z-ers spend on the internet, and the way influencers are able to seamlessly weave into their feeds, influencers play a major role in Gen Z-er’s lives. In such saturated market, not to mention, the increase in censorship and privacy tools, influencers provide a direct path for brands to reach this up and coming generation. Below are 3 tips to keep in mind when using influencers to reach Generation Z...


1. Platforms That Resonate With Generation Z

The first platform that resonated with Gen Z, Musical.ly, blew up out of nowhere but most marketers never really understood the true value behind it. But, don't worry. There's another company that's about to blow up that has yet to be exploited, Tik Tok. Tik Tok was the company that acquired Musical.ly. The platform is kind of like a mix between Vine and Snapchat. It allows users to record short videos of them doing anything and share it with their friends. As a brand marketer, it doesn’t hurt to start taking a look at it ASAP to figure out how you can incorporate it into your influencer strategy in the future. 


2. Using Influencers For Creative Direction 

This is something that a lot of brand marketers have trouble allowing themselves to do. Most brand marketers want to be in control of  the entire process. They believe that no one better understands their customer base than themselves. However, approaching an influencer campaign with this mindset could end up coming to bite you in the butt. At the end of the day, no one knows an influencer’s follower base better than they do. So, don’t be afraid to include influencers in the creative process. They’ll know all of the different tips and tricks needed to effectively reach your desired consumer base.

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3. Start Developing Influencer Relationships ASAP

Authenticity is the true value behind influencer marketing. One-off posts just simply aren’t as effective these days as consumers are starting to see through the fluff. Brands need to establish long lasting relationships with influencers that make sense for their brand. By doing this, the branded content that’s pushed out through the influencers will look less forced and more organic. This will allow your product, message or service to shine for as long as your brand maintains a relationship with that influencer. Transition your mind from the quick fix to the long term play… it will surely play to your benefit in the future.


Generation Z Is The Future

Of course, for some brands, marketing to Gen Z right now simply doesn’t make sense due to a variety of different reasons-- your product may not be able to be used by those that under a certain age, your product is not in their price range, etc. But, it’s only a matter of time before Gen Z does enter your consumer market. It’s best to keep them on your radar so that you aren’t scrambling to hire a consultant at $25,000/hour just to tell you how to reach them. The key to being a successful brand marketer is having the forethought to predict what’s to come, and Gen Z is what's coming. 

If you are looking to put together an influencer campaign and want the help of an agency that understands Generation Z, check us out! We are experts at leveraging influencers to catapult a brand’s product, message or service to the masses.

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