4 Branding Diversification Tips for Tech Startups


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Standing Out From Competition

Building a diversified brand involves creating different ways to represent your company and products in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Most people are aware of the basic branding types that are used in business, including logos, slogans, product packaging, and shop location design.

However, there are actually many other ways to promote brand awareness and establish your company as a widely known authority within its industry. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides 4 branding diversification tips for tech startups to allow them to stand out visually and socially revamp business outreach efforts.

4 Branding Diversification Tips For Tech Startups

1. Design a Device or Piece of Hardware

If you’re a tech startup that sells products in the retail sector or offers IT services, you could diversify your brand by designing your own device or hardware. If you look at major corporations like Yamaha or Oracle, you’ll notice that they have their hands on many different kinds of hardware and software innovations. This might seem like an intimidating project to follow through with, especially if you don’t even know how to convert a schematic to PCB. Nonetheless, there are courses in product design that will get you started on the right track.  And it becomes something you can build press and publicity around too.

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2. Partner with Influential People

Sponsoring or partnering with popular online personalities like YouTubers or Instagram influences is a quick and easy way to put your brand in front of thousands or millions of people in a matter of days or weeks. Although building up from scratch and opting for organic traffic might seem preferable, you simply can’t compare the slow and steady approach to the kind of rapid growth that can be achieved through leveraging social media influencers

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3. Start a Line of Merchandise

Launching a line of merchandise is good way to solidify your brand presence with clothing and accessories that spread awareness about your company. This is a way to start selling products that you would otherwise have no business selling. Some people wouldn’t expect a tech startup to be selling coffee mugs or T-shirts, but that is exactly what many startups in every industry do with diverse lines of merchandise.


4. Branch Out Into Related Software or Hardware Solutions

Can you think of a product or service that your competitors are offering but you aren’t? Better yet, what about one that none of your competitors have yet? In essence, you should aim to offer equal or increased value over the competition, and that means branching out in the kinds of solutions you’re developing. You’ll notice that most high-profile tech companies have wide-ranging catalogs, so you should strive towards a similar level of versatility.


Branding Diversification is a Solid Investment

Before you follow through with any marketing effort or investment, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worthwhile. If you measure branding diversification against that evaluation, you have to conclude that making more people aware of your brand can only be a positive thing. Plus, since many branding efforts are relatively affordable, it really doesn’t make sense to postpone them.

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These are a few tips on influencer marketing that work. Influencer marketing can be extremely effective if done right, which is why you should be sure to contact us at Hollywood Branded for help developing an influencer marketing strategy that suits the specific needs of your brand!  And for more tips... check out our Only Guide To Social Influencer Marketing You'll Need, and download it by clicking the image below.

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