7 Secret Social Acronyms Brands Need To Know For Influencer Posts


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The Language That Means No Real Engagement For Your Brand

It’s a no brainer that Kendall And Kylie Jenner are the queens of the internet.

Have you ever noticed or stumbled upon the comments on some of the biggest named celebrities such Kylie or Kendall Jenner and wondered what the comments "LB" or "F4F" or "Row" mean? Their fans have turned the Jenner’s Instagram comments into a social media network for self promotion. In this blog Hollywood Branded takes a look at just what these acronyms mean and why this matters for brands.



You can literally go on to Kylie or Kendall Jenner’s instagram comments and all the comments will be asking people/ spamming her page to gain more popularity on Instagram. Kylie has even tweeted "STOP WRITING LB ON ALL MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS AND USING ME AS A WAY TO ADVERTISE YOURSELF"...but alas the followers don’t listen. Just go on her account for yourself and see!



Well, What DO These Acronyms Mean?


LB- Like Back

Commenting ‘LB’ is a request from one user to another for a “like”. The favor is meant to be reciprocated.

F4F- Follow For Follow

Commenting "Follow For Follow" is a request from one user to another to follow them, and the original poster will follow the user back.


Returning means returning any activity on the original posters page, they’ll do back for you. If you like, they will. If you follow, they will and so on.

CB- Comment Back

Commenting "Comment Back" is a request from one user to another for a “Comment”. The favor is meant to be reciprocated.


Commenting “Row” is a request for a user to like/ comment on 3 pictures (a row on instagram). The favor is meant to be reciprocated.

S4S- Shout For Shout

Commenting "S4S" is a request from a user to get a shout out on another users page and the favor will be reciprocated.

L4L- Like For Like

Commenting ‘L4L’ is a request from one user to another for a “like”. The favor is meant to be reciprocated.

Why Is This Bad For Paid Brand Posts

This is all fun and games for kids trying to self promote but this is a negative occurance for marketers and paid brand posts because think about it, when you're doing outreach for potential influencers, you look at engagement. Number of followers... number of likes...number of comments. As you're glancing the enagement based on numbers LOOKS super high when in reality your brand potentially could get less engagement when the only thing people are posting are self promoting comments. It's harder to calculate the media value on a post with comments like this which might leave your marketing department feeling a bit dissapointed after they think they found the perfect influencer fit to partner with. 

Building Your Platform

Tweens (and millennials) spend their time using these acronyms on comments to build their following/engagement because it seems as though happiness and self worth is based on likes and numbers these days!  We have some helpful hints on 5 ways you can proactively build your brand on Instagram here.

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