4 Tips To Make Your Social Media Marketing Summer Ready


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How To Boost Your Brand's Social Media Game For The Summer

Summertime is here, and that means people are going on vacations, spending time outside, and spending their hard earned cash on fun products and activities. Summer is an important time to solidify your brand image and to market to your audience.

And summer is another time of year that consumers are faced with A LOT of distractions.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded gives you our top 4 tips for your brand's social media marketing this summer to help it stand out and get noticed.

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1. Show How Your Brand Has Fun

One of the most important things about social media that we constantly remind brand marketers is the need to keep their brand personal. Studies show that younger generations trust brands that seem genuine and personable. In fact, it may even be a good idea to turn your brand social media accounts over to your summer intern for a bit! (With approval first, of course).

Post about your company's team soft ball games or the summer barbecue party you have. Post about how your product makes summertime better, whether it's a recipe using your product or how your product can be used on a fun vacation. Fun is contagious and consumers will want what you're having if they see how much fun you have, and that they can have with you!

2. Pair Up With A Social Influencer

Summer is a perfect time to pair up with an influencer. With plenty of activities, trips and festivals to go to, working with a social media celebrity can reap its fullest benefits in the summer. 

Have an influencer take over your Snapchat or Instagram account while at Bonnaroo, or have an influencer post how cute or useful your product is while at the beach. Sponsor a shopping spree for an influencer and her friends so she'll post about it! There are unlimited ways to get involved with social media celebs this summer.

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3. Increase Your Fan Engagement

Whether it's reposting fans wearing or using your product or touting a summer contest/giveaway, keep your fans engaged in your social media this summer.

Across their social media accounts, Gap is encouraging fan engagement by including fans themselves in their marketing. The brand's summer marketing strategy includes people from all over America wearing their products.

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4. Get Involved With Feel Good Events

While the winter holiday season is most often associated with feel-good vibes, that certainly doesn't mean summer can't be as well. In recent studies, it was found that millennials prefer bands who they see as giving back to the community.

Summer is the perfect time for this. From fundraisers, to fun runs, to just helping beautify the community, summer is the perfect time to make your social media resonate as a feel-good brand.

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Want To Get Your Brand Involved With A Social Influencer?

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