5 Tips To Get Your Brand Instagram Holiday-Ready


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Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media This Holiday Season

The holidays are an important time for brands and their image. Many people are home, off work, and with their families, which means more time to scroll through social media.

Give your followers what they want from your Instagram this season and remind them where to get gifts for all of their friends and families! In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares five tips that will help you get your brand's social media strategy for Instagram ready for the 2022 holiday season.

5 Tips To Get Your Brand Instagram Holiday-Ready

1. Post Gifting Ideas - And Encourage Followers To Share Theirs!

One of the most important things your brand can do on social media is making your brand posts feel personal, as opposed to feeling like an advertisement. Instead of posting an ad-like photo that you may find in something like a print magazine, consider posting what one of your employees or followers plans on giving to their friend or family member for Christmas.

Put together a gift idea that includes your product to give your followers ideas for their own gifts and encourage your followers to share with you their gift ideas!


2. Add Star Power!

In case we haven’t mentioned it enough, celebrities and social media influencers are proven to influence the way consumers view a product or brand. Use this to your advantage this holiday season and team up with a celebrity for a sponsored post.


3. Get Your Product On Celeb's Instagrams With Gift Bags

The holidays are a season of giving… and also the beginning of awards season! A great way to show up on celebrities’ or social influencers’ Instagram feeds is by giving them free stuff. There are so many opportunities for brands to gift their product to celebrities, especially with Awards Season in full swing. Head over to our Celebrity Gift Bag 101 Infographic to get the skinny on celebrity gifting.

Everyone likes free stuff, and if the celeb loves your product, you may just end up on their Instagram feed. 


4. Remember To Make Your Brand Personal

This is one of the most important brand strategies on Instagram, especially during the holiday season. Consumers are seeing ads everywhere they go this time of year, from billboards to holiday ads on television to signs everywhere they shop.

Take a pic at your company Christmas party, share personal photos from your employees with their families (and using your product), post warm holiday wishes, and share photos from your followers.

One great example is Gap's #ShareYourGift 2016 campaign on Instagram, which encouraged users to post photos sharing their gifts, whether it's what they purchased or family or sharing their natural gifts by helping other people. It was a great and heartwarming campaign that got social media talking about the brand.


5. Remember - It's Not Just Christmas

While the majority of the buzz around the holiday season centers around Christmas and New Years, don't forget the other holidays too! You more than likely have a good amount of followers who celebrate other holidays, like Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year.


And research shows that millennial consumers consistently believe it is important for brands to include people of all backgrounds in their marketing. For more on how to market to millennial consumers, check out our blog post, How College Students Interact With Brand Marketing.

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