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Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) Podcast Series

Join Stacy Jones on this podcast, the CEO and founder of Los Angeles entertainment agency Hollywood Branded. Learn from her 20 years of experience as she shares top notched advice on marketing best practices for brands and walks you through how to leverage entertainment content and influencer partnerships to increase your brand’s overall consumer engagement and most importantly, your sales. In this Marketing Mistakes podcast episode, Stacy talks about how brands use music video product placement to increase sales, gain brand awareness, and reach millions of people, affordably.

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Why We Love Music Video Product Placement

Music video partnerships are one of our agency's favorite ways for brands to see really-fast consumer engagement, social chatter and website traffic. And sales.  

So why do we love them so much?

Music videos are super fast in comparison to TV show or feature film content partnerships.  With a music video, your brand may be seen around the world in less than two weeks.  For a TV show - more like three to six months, or even more.  And a feature film is going to take at least a year to two, to end up in theaters.

And production? The time it takes to shoot a music video is hours or a day.  Maybe a couple of days... a TV show?  At least a week. And a film - three months.  It makes the waiting game so much shorter, and a brand better able to get on screen something that is still in stores to be sold.

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Another Reason Music Video Product Placment Rocks

Music videos also are SO MUCH CHEAPER than ANY other type of content partnership in Hollywood.  Opportunities range from $10,000 to $150,000 in most scenarios.  The bigger the artist, the higher the cost, and those costs CAN soar up to 7 figures for some of the biggest names out there.  Especially if additional retail components, exclusive debut of video or social media overlays are added.

7 figures? I can hear you gasp across the computer airwaves.  It's not going to be that rate for the majority of partnerships.  In fact, it's really pretty rare.  And those 7 figure artists are going to yield the brand hundreds of millions of eyeballs - driving that Cost Per Thousand down to a respectable level that is still lower than what a TV ad would cost for the same audience.

Even smaller brands can take advantage of music video brand partnerships.  Emerging artists can often be more flexible and open to working with a brand - and willing to do additional social media, so you get that 'celebrity influencer' add on component.

And there is literally an artist for ever type of brand and their demo.  Take your pick.  Country. Rap. EDM. Hip Hop.  Alternative.  Rock... even older demo brands have have some great music video product placement opportunities well worth exploring.

The Music For Marketing Your Brand By Generation

What? You Still Need Another Reason To Do Music Video Product Placement!

Music videos also operate very differently than most other branded content opportunities within TV and Film.  Yes - your brand CAN get guarantees - to a degree.  Realistically, if a scene doesn't work out whether it is TV, film or music... it's going to get cut and not make final edit.  But with music, there is typically a minimum guarantee of seconds on screen for logo exposure - something TV and film never offer.

Music videos are also usually so short, that what is storyboarded out is pretty much what makes it to that digital player.  And that is golden.  It means you KNOW your brand is in the scene.  As long as the scene isn't cut based on some strange awkwardness.

And if you still need yet another reason we love music video partnerships... music videos cross all borders.  Music is the language of the world.  It needs no translations.  And there are no distributor issues - with rare exception in some countries whose governments limit internet.  And even in those countries, FTP sites allow anyone interested to find that artist's music video.

Ready To Triple Your Sales Using Video Product Placement Marketing?

So let’s talk about more reason why you should consider – or even reconsider - a marketing platform with one of the highest return on investments available in the world of entertainment marketing – and daresay, advertising in general.  

Check out the 9 steps we have broken down for you bring your brand awareness to the next level through leveraging the music industry.  Along with podcast, take a read of our other blogs on music where we discuss how brand sales increase through music lyric product placement.

Or read our blog brands leverage music videos for brand awareness.

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