A Brand Guide To Kim Kardashian-West Instagram Posts


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It's no surprise that when we hear the last name Kardashian, Kim is the first of the family to come to mind. And since she is the most well-known of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and probably the most popular social media influencer as well in the ENTIRE world, we figured we would save the best for last in our series of blog posts on the sisters and their Instagram accounts.

This beauty is known for her rich and lavish lifestyle, which is why she tends to partner with brands on the more lavish and expensive side. But don't worry Branders, we know she might seem too unattainable, but Kim K is just like everyone else - except she wears two thousand dollar heels. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides a brand's guide to Kim Kardashian-West's Instagram posts and shares examples of these fee based posts for brands to learn from.



Balmain is a French clothing line founded by Pierre Balmain, who had a passion for couture at a young age. And Balmain seems to be a regular favorite in this fam, since we've seen it on every single Kardashian/Jenner, and even a couple of West's. Not only does Kim rock Balmain at many fashion events and red carpets, but she trusts Pierre Balmain enough to put his name on her family's back, including adorable Northie's.






De Grisogono

De Grisogono is a high fashion jewelry line that offers everything from rings and earrings, to time pieces. And oh boy does Kim look gorgeous - but doesn't she always. To be honest, it's no surprise that Kim knows how to pick her jewelry, since always looks fabulous. Let's just hope she and Kanye pass down to North the rules of how to choose and wear the jewels.




JetSmarter is the future of aviation - for perhaps only celebrities and other demi-gods, since they're the only one's who can afford it. But JetSmarter is quite smart, pun intended. They use smartphone apps to connect passengers to their charted flights. And we've already been through this before, we know the Kardashian/Jenners take a lot of trips, but JetSmarter might be the new way to do it.



Lorraine Schwartz

We've seen Lorraine Schwartz before, from our very own article, A Brand Guide To Kendall Jenner Instagram Posts - read here. But what we didn't know is that big sis Kim has the same love for Lorraine Schwartz's jewelry as her little sister. Just remember to return it after you're done borrowing it, Kim.





Lumee creates an innovated new and improved way to take a selfie by bringing the "natural light" straight to your phone case. And we all know the queen of selfies needs to have this little gem with her everywhere she goes since the selfie is her signature pose.







Revolve is a clothing brand that was started by two best friends a little over a decade ago. They carry over 500 women and men's clothing brands, have 40 million page visits each month and over 1.4 million email subscribers! That's one dedicated audience. But Kim's 82+ million Instagram followers are probably a lot of the traffic. Very smart of you to include Kim, Revolve.


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer  known for creating exotic print designs. We all know Kim is a perfect specimen for wearing such an exotic line, since she's known for taking risks with her fashion choices. We've seen her in naked and nearly naked - with Cavalli taking it to another level still, but she definitely knows how to do it with style.



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