A Day In The Life Of A Hollywood Branded Agent


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The Hollywood Experience

Script reading. TV reviewing. Set visits. Award show events. Private screenings...All in a day's work. Everyday I work on something different - whether it is reading the next Marvel comic turned motion picture, getting a call about the next J.J. Abrams TV show, representing our brands at the MTV Video Music Awards, or attending a private screening of the next Nicholas Sparks’ film. 


From The Desk To The Studio

Working with productions becomes an adventure because you get to come up with unique and organic ways a brand can be integrated into a plot line. When I read a script and see "a bedroom", I don't see it as a location production will be filming in. Instead, I mentally build what the bedroom will look like and then I match brands to what I envision and explain that picture to production.

When that idea comes to fruition, it is so rewarding. It feels like a big pat on the back when your hard work pays off, when you are watching the final edit of a film or TV show and then see your product show up as it was intended or better. I had recently seen a trailer for Olympus Has Fallen and when I saw two brands I placed show up, I was jumping for joy in my theater seat. Also, when I recently watched an episode of Shameless and saw our brand featured for almost 2 minutes WITH a verbal mention, I was doing cartwheels (in my head of course).

Another part of my daily task involves going to sets and mingling with productions, finding what character they want to feature with a certain brand or what episodes are coming up that they need product for. Visiting sets only gets sweeter with the occasional run-in with a celebrity. So far, I have had the pleasure of meeting: Jason Segel from How I Met Your Mother, Seth Green from Austin Powers, Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos from Extra, Wyck Godfrey, producer of the Twilight Saga, Tatyana Ali from Second Generation Wayans, Allen Evangelista and Brandon Eaton from Secret Life of the American Teenager, Hill Harper and A.J. Buckley from CSI:NY, David Giuntoli and Russel Hornsby from Grimm, Jennifer Love Hewitt from The Client List, Alan Cumming from X2/The Good Wife, LL Cool J from NCIS:LA, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, and the Jonas Brothers, just to name a few. The one downside is “acting normal” when you see a celebrity you are star struck with. You have to act like this run-in happens every day and seeing them is nothing beyond awesome for you, though you are screaming and jumping like a little kid inside.

As I said, all in a day's work! Now I am off to Warner Brothers to visit a set. Maybe I might run into Ashton Kutcher or Ellen - fingers crossed!


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