A Look Back At A Celebrity New York Fashion Week Brand Activation!


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Every year our agency finds ourselves back in New York for a Fashion Week branded activation.  February Fashion Week, which covers the fall collection, is often cold rainy, and wet.  September Fashion Week, covering the spring collection, is warm sunny, and quite frankly, sometimes really hot.  But both seasons offer brands tremendous activation opportunities at the dozens of events around town.  We take a look at a past celebrity-based New York Fashion Week activation.


A Memory Of A Past Activation 

Two weeks ago I flew to New York in the midst of a dreadful snowstorm, Nemo; I held tight to my seat and prayed for my life.  I was joining the flurry of models, makeup artists, and hair stylists that had gathered for New York Fashion Week.

I couldn’t wait to get a taste of the hustle and bustle of New York City.  I was absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week for our client, Harman Kardon's brand integration that promoted the amazing Harman Kardon CL High-Performance headphones.

I Tried Hard Not To Be Star Struck


With no time to waste, we jumped right into designing a spectacular Harman Kardon booth, complete with a full listening station that was set up for demonstration purposes during the fashion shows. I tried hard not to be star-struck as numerous celebrities and designers visited our booth to receive a complimentary pair of the fashion-forward CL High-Performance headphones and an interview at the Harman Kardon Sound Station.

We also orchestrated a “Tweet to Win” contest throughout the week to win a pair of the featured CL High-Performance headphones and various other Harman Kardon audio essentials.  It never ceases to amaze me how people react to the chance to win free stuff!  We had a few guests who tried to butter me up with compliments…little did they know I had no control over who won the grand prize! But I’ll take the compliments all the same.


The New York Fashion Week Event Experience

I got to accompany our lucky contest winner who won the Harman Kardon promotion to attend the Boy Meets Girl fashion show.  I had so much fun talking and laughing with her as she was being pampered and styled by designer Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl.  She said it was a dream come true when she found out she was also going to be receiving a photoshoot with Leah LaBelle who performed “Lolita” during the fashion show.

The highlight of my week was watching LIVE as Harman Kardon made their runway debut as models strutted down the catwalk wearing the CL headphones in the Tumbler & Tipsy and Boy Meets Girl fashion shows.  We had worked so hard and suddenly it was all worth it.  It was incredible to see the impact we had on fashion week and so fulfilling to see our client in the spotlight.  With everything I’ve learned, I can’t wait for our next event, even if it entails another snowstorm.


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