A Look Behind the Sign On The Set of Extra TV!


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An Extra!-Special Viewpoint

Interning at Hollywood Branded has provided me with various hands-on experiences in the Hollywood/Chinese entertainment marketing industry. However, I never thought I would get to go on a set visit to see what it is actually like when hosting TV shows are being shot.

In this blog post I share what it is like to be a day in the life of our team, and on the set of a talk show!

The Day Begins

I was invited along to the Extra! TV set visit with our Brand Agents for a wedding segment featuring or client, PassionRoses. To prepare for our set-visit, we had to come up with floral driven ideas to arrange PassionRoses to fit in the theme of the wedding. On the day of shooting, we arrived at work at 7:45am to arrange 6 vases of roses and got the to the location at 10:00am.


Going Behind The Sign


Upon our arrival, to my surprise, the shooting location was actually in a shopping mall with people walking around and taking photos. I used to think all shows and movies are produced in a closed studio! I was also amazed by how fast-paced and highly organized everything was behind the scenes. There was a crew of about 15 people, and 4 stunning models dressed up as the bride and bridesmaids. It took them awhile to get everything ready for shooting, with 5 cameramen setting up the equipment/stage, a team in charge of getting the models ready, and a team in charge of overseeing the entire project.


Despite the seeming chaos, everything ran smoothly, taking less than an hour to finish the whole shooting session. I had never realized how much hard work and organization goes into probably 2 minutes on-screen. Even though it was just part of an episode, being able to see how beautifully everything came together in the end and being able to enjoy this first-hand experience at production of a popular talk show definitely made all the preparation worth it.

This definitely marked one of the most exciting projects out of the office I have been assigned as an intern so far.

View the rest of the photos from behind the scenes at Extra! here.


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