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As brand marketers, we are in love with a new game that offers brands TREMENDOUS exposure - to consumers of ALL ages. Or at least those aged 8+.  That game?  The much beloved Monopoly, which has created Monopoly Empire, "where players can own the world's top brands."  We like to make sure our clients know about anything new in the world of entertainment marketing, and in this blog post Hollywood Branded shares more about the brand partners involved in the gameboard - soon to be at homes everywhere!


About The Game

Per Monopoly's website:

"In the Monopoly Empire game, players can own the world's top brands. After choosing one of the uniquely branded tokens, players move around the board, and start building their empires. The game is a race to the top as players buy their favorite brands one by one and fill their towers. Players can own famous brands, including Nerf, Transformers, Levi's, and more. Opponents collect rent from their rivals; the higher their tower, the more they can charge! For two to four players, the first player to fill their tower with billboards wins!"

Apparently, the point is no longer to make it around the board and just have the most money. Now the point is to fill your 'tower'.  

What's Included In The Game - Including The Brands

The Monopoly Empire game set includes the newly designed gameboard, 4 towers, 6 tokens, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 14 Chance cards, 14 Empire cards, the always-favorite money pack, 2 dice, and a game guide.

This new version of the game includes Puma, Levi's, Nerf and Ford Mustang, amongst others.

An Excited Brand Partner: Ford

Hasbro's new game has players purchase big-ticket money-making brands instead of the old tired and true houses and railroads.  In reality it can be seen as a lesson on stock investing.

One brand who was chosen (paid?!?) to be part of this gameboard is one very happy Ford Mustang, as they replaced Chevy from the game board of just a few years ago, where the Corvette Stingray was included.  

The brand marketer shared this in a recent press release:  

“Ford Mustang is Mr. Monopoly's new ride in the new edition of Monopoly Empire. 2015's best-selling sports car in the U.S. has made thousands of appearances on the silver screen and in numerous songs, and now it's a playable piece in the iconic board game. Mustang fans can rev their engines and advance to go as they take laps around the board and build their empire of well-known brands, including Ford. The new version of the Monopoly Empire game is available now. Check out more at www.monopoly.com."


How It Works

Just like in the original Monopoly game, each of the players will be given cash to start with, and then they roll the dice and move their game piece token around the board. But instead of purchasing houses and railroads, you purchase billboards - and when you have enough billboards, you invest them into brand ownership when you land in their space!

Each brand makes you richer, and is added to your tower.  Each time you pass GO you will collect the value of your tower. Buy an entire office and you can win even faster!

Where Will You See Product Placement Next?

Product Placement is prevelant in movies, TV shows, music videos, social media sites, at events, and in reality as an advertising form, is part of almost any entertainment driven content.  So it makes sense for it to be moving into the world of games as well.

Is Product Placement right for your brand?  Watch this video to learn more about how this marketing practice works, what brand categories it works for, and the results brand marketers see!

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