Non-Traditional Advertising: Why Brand Activations Work [Infographic]


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Our blog posts center around one common theme, which is how non-traditional advertising can be beneficial for brands and their agencies.  There are so many options beyond print and TV for brand managers to choose to spend their money.  And new options emerging through social technology on what feels like a daily basis.   In this blog post, we thought we'd share some interesting research passed on to us, and have included Australia's ExpandaBrands infographic, Why Brand Activations Work.


 The Infographic:  Why Brand Activations Work



Did You Know…

  • The human brain absorbs almost twice the amount of information when it is presented in a novel or unexpected way.
  • Two-thirds of people given promotional merchandise are able to remember the brand up to a year later.
  • 65% of people recall information better when it is presented visually.
  • Activations at Point of Sale have been shown to influence consumer buying behavior.
  • Adding a form of engagement activates the long-term memory system.
  • 70% of people say they would prefer to learn about a brand in a way other than traditional advertising
  • People’s ability to remember a brand is influenced by the environment in which they experience it.


Non-Traditional Advertising That Works

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