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It's Award Show Season

It's that time of the year... award show season!  And our agency knows what that means - an uptick in interest in all things involving brands, red carpet and celebrity by journalists covering the award shows and industry events.

We are always delighted to provide our thoughts.   In this post, Hollywood Branded shares the article we were interviewed for by The Los Angeles Business Journal on celebrity swag bags, and the benefits for brands.

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The Los Angeles Business Journal

Diane Haithman of The Los Angeles Business Journal wrote this article covering the celebrity swag bag.

In the interview, our agency's CEO, Stacy Jones, discussed the benefits of gift bags and why companies get star power without a high price tag, and how the benefits of the perception translate to a seal of approval by the Hollywood community. 

"...businesses are looking for “the perception that your brand is thought so highly of by the event producers or organizers that they gave it the approval to be in the gift bag. It’s relevant enough that they thought that a celebrity would like to have it. It’s a seal of approval. It adds to brand that is trying to cut through and differentiate.”

Are You Interested In Celebrity Swag Bag Opportunities?

Then check out this article we wrote on how brands can best benefit from celebrity swag bags.  We provide an 8 step guide for brands to make sure they don't fall into any of the hidden traps, and miss out on mega PR exposure. 

Our guide includes:

  1. Why brands should only participate in opportunities where there are takeaways
  2. The screening process - and how to have your brand chosen
  3. What to do if your brand is declined
  4. Choosing only to participate in opportunities with takeaways
  5. A-list talent versus B, C or even the D-list
  6. Your planning calendar
  7. How to secure press
  8. Writing a press release and getting eyeballs on it

Ready To Work With Celebrities?

Are you interested in understanding how to get your brand in celebrity gift bags - and actually get content takeaways to use for social media and PR too?  Download our Celebrity Gift Bag 101 infographic which will help you ensure your next gift bag partnership is a success!

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