Behind the Scenes: How Hollywood Branded Makes Movie Magic (For Your Brand)


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A Peek Behind The Curtain

Have you ever watched a movie and suddenly felt the urge to grab a snack, download an app, or use a specific pen? That, my friends, is the power of product placement—a subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) art form that Hollywood Branded has perfected. But how do we transform a script into a strategic branding opportunity?

Our expertise lies in creating powerful marketing moments that resonate with audiences around the world. In this article, Hollywood Branded gives an exclusive look at the processes we use to seamlessly turn film, series, and music video projects into prime opportunities for brands.

Behind the Scenes:  How Hollywood Branded  Makes Movie Magic  (For Your Brand)

Step 1: We Find Your Dream Productions

The magic starts with the potential film/series/music video projects! We curate our opportunities in two ways. First, our team actively reaches out to productions that align with our clients' target markets and brand aesthetics. We have a keen eye for spotting movies where a seamless brand integration can truly shine. 

Secondly, our extensive network in Hollywood and international productions plays a vital role. With thousands of connections, studios and filmmakers approach us directly, seeking out specific brands from our diverse client list to create strategic partnerships within their upcoming projects.  This two-pronged approach ensures a steady stream of scripts and projects for our team to analyze and turn into potential wins for our clients.

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Step 2: Dive deep into the script

Say we have the production contact and discuss brands. Our best case scenario: we sign an NDA and get the script from production. However, sometimes the script isn’t completely done or not available to be shared, and series/music videos usually don’t have one. In this case we dig deep and use our expertise to find out as much as possible on each individual project.

If we do get the script, we turn into brand detectives, becoming one with the story: we analyze characters, settings, plot points – everything! We're looking for those golden moments where a brand can seamlessly integrate and enhance the narrative. Any mention of a pen moment? A brunch scene? A garage setting? Our alarm bells ring.

Step 3: Considering the context

Not all brands have the same aesthetics and ethics, and the same goes for movies. We consider the genre, target audience, and overall tone of the film.  For example, a romantic comedy might be a great fit for our St. Dalfour fruit spreads during a charming picnic scene, while an action racing film could be the perfect platform to showcase our clients PEAK windshield fluid during a high-octane car maintenance sequence. Many clients are careful when it comes to horror and slasher movies, as they don’t want their products to be associated with violence. All valid requirements and client wishes that we consider when seeding opportunities and talking to productions.

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Step 4: Figure out the kind of deal

Not all placements are created equal! Some productions offer trade deals, where brands only focus on providing products in hope for screen time. For our clients with bigger budgets, we focus on paid integrations, offering deeper creative control and broader promotional opportunities.  Ultimately, we work within our clients' parameters to find the perfect opportunities, whether it's a trade or paid deal.

Step 5: beyond the big screen

Our magic doesn't stop at the final cut! We explore additional promotional opportunities. Is there a chance for product demonstrations at film festivals and other events around the project? Can we create social media campaigns with the film's cast, maybe even create a new product line? Our goal is to get the most bank for your buck by thinking outside the box and creating 360 campaigns. Like we recently did for our client Pilot Pen! In addition to securing Pilot as the official pen of the movie, we created a comprehensive co-promotional and influencer campaign that significantly increased their brand awareness and drove sales of their limited edition Mean Girls-inspired pink G2 pack. Check out the case study HERE.

Mean Girls x Pilot

The secret sauce: Storytelling

Ultimately, product placement is about storytelling. We don't just shove brands into movies. We find ways to weave them into the narrative tapestry, making them feel like an authentic part of the world the characters inhabit.  It's about creating those "aha!" moments where viewers connect with the brand on a deeper level.

So, the next time you see a movie and find yourself craving a King's Hawaiian sweet roll (hey, it happens!), remember, there's a good chance the Hollywood Branded team played a part in that. We're the matchmakers, bringing brands and movies together to create win-win situations for everyone involved.  And who knows, maybe you'll see your brand on the silver screen someday too!

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