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Hollywood Branded Spa Day!

Here at Hollywood Branded, we have been well aware of Sciton’s revolutionary age-reversing and skin-correcting technologies, but yesterday, we got to actually try it out for ourselves.

Three Hollywood Branded team members made a field trip to see Launa Stone, RN. at her medical spa, Calabasas Med Spa, in Calabasas, California to undergo treatments for ourselves. Launa and her staff have performed over 100,000 laser procedures, and treat an array of high-profile celebrities, so we were eager to try it out.

The Process

First we had our consultations with Launa, and shared with her our particular concerns. After evaluating our faces, Launa determined what each of our treatments would entail.

For all three of us, whether the problem was acne, age spots and pigmentation, or wrinkles, the solution came from one cure-all, powerful “beast of a machine,” as Launa referred to it as, Sciton’s Joule System.

In our visit with Launa, she was able to perform BBL’s pulsed-light treatments, which will not only reverse the aging of skin cells, but simultaneously treat acne, superficial pigmentation, and tiny broken vessels, to name a few. She also utilized laser treatments to treat deeper signs of aging, such as brown spots and wrinkles – all from one system.

Not only did we each get individualized treatments, but she demonstrated other types of procedures as well. Though we have seen the power of this system through reading studies and seeing hard results in dramatic “Before” and “After” photos, it was amazing to actually see the machine at work. Having been using the technology for many years now, Launa is insanely precise and has perfected her technique. One patient we spoke with, who has seen Launa for the Forever Young BBL treatment for several years, admittedly having been skeptical at first, made sure to tell us how amazed she has been with the results of the procedure.

Not only is Launa an expert of the Sciton light treatment and laser technologies, it is clear that she absolutely loves what she does. She was so excited to show us the equipment and how it all worked, and did not hesitate to demonstrate. At one point, she was literally jumping up and down with excitement.

After receiving the treatments, meeting the vivacious Launa Stone, and spending the day with her staff at the adorable Calabasas Med Spa, we are so excited to see the amazing results -- that we've seen in all the photos and that all her clients rage about -- on ourselves.


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