Behind the Sign: Sons of Anarchy Intern Set Visit


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First Steps On Set

Last week I was fortunate enough to join a set visit to Sons of Anarchy. Upon arrival we were greeted with much hospitality from the prop masters. After dropping off various products we were given a tour of the set to see where all the mayhem goes down.

Touring The Production

First, we were led to the Jax’s kitchen where some of the most intense scenes of season 6 have taken place. Then we were led into a dark room where we saw the infamous table of decision making engraved “Son’s of Anarchy California.” We were then given a private look into their storage room and got a chance to see some interesting props to say the least.

After walking around the set we were invited to eat with the crew and enjoyed some delicious craft service. However, the whole time I could not stomach my food because of the anticipation that I might cross paths with the hunky English actor Charlie Hunnam. Unfortunately, he had returned to his trailer just before we sat down.

The whole day was a blissful experience for me, an intern, to be able to attend the set visit of one of my favorite shows. Thank you Hollywood Branded!

Sons of Anarchy Set Visit

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