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There’s a reason most people associate the BlackBerry with rich, powerful businessmen. And it certainly isn’t an accident.  It's all targeted and pre-planned (and approved) partnerships with the actors and the characters they play, who best embody the brand itself.

Hollywood Branded takes a look at our work with BlackBerry product placement and how it has promoted its image as the smartphone device for the powerful business people and politicians of the world.

BlackBerry Smartphones Aren't In The Hands Of Just Any Film Or TV Stars

Everyone from the spunky sitcom teen to the aspiring Brooklyn musician may be tapping away on an Apple iPhone or plugging headphones into a Samsung Galaxy. But the BlackBerry? Well, the BlackBerry is most often in the hands of TV’s most powerful people – think Frank Underwood in House of Cards, Cyrus Beene and President Grant in Scandal, or Nicole Kidman's Assistant District Attorney character in Secret In Their Eyes.

Frank Underwood uses BlackBerry in House Of Cards

Hollywood Branded has worked with BlackBerry for over eight years, crafting a product placement strategy that has allowed the brand to be showcased and promoted in film and television by being in the hands of characters that fit their brand image to a tee. And it has paid off as fans have taken note!

BerryFlow, a prominent and esteemed BlackBerry fan blog, recently published an article on “5 Things BlackBerry Is Doing Right In The Media.”  And reason number one?  The BlackBerry Product Placement program. 

“BlackBerry doesn’t get enough credit for their clever and often subtle product placement. BlackBerry is known world-wide as a device used by the most powerful governments, law enforcement and health professionals. As one would expect, art imitates reality whenever any BlackBerry device graces the screen. BlackBerry gets more than a few thousand eyeballs on its products whether intentional or not when show producers include BlackBerry devices as props in successful TV series such as Blue Bloods, Scandal, or Madam Secretary. This serves as a tacit reminder to those who have been asking the question ‘BlackBerry is still around?’ that the answer is a resounding YES. “

BlackBerry Uses Product Placement To Build Their Image - And So Should Other Brands

BlackBerry has worked carefully with our team at Hollywood Branded to select the perfect opportunities for their brand. And in some cases, has chosen to amplify that partnership through premiere party sponsorships or co-branded media.  From placement in film and TV, music video integrations, talk show segments and celebrity endorsements, BlackBerry and Hollywood Branded have together leveraged Hollywood and entertainment marketing to the company's advantage.

Are you interested in integrating product placement into your entertainment marketing mix, but simply don’t know where to start? There is so much more to product placement than you may think, and it is important to be educated about the key tactics to best fit your brand. Watch the video today to start learning more!

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