Sex & The City Sets The Standard For Stellar Product Placement [Video]


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The Show We All Loved To Love
Sex. Love.  Girl Power.  Sex & The City was a show that truly showcased the fact that despite what your mother told you, you didn't necessarily need one to have the other - and could still be a strong, successful female. And it was a series that women from around the world related to and fell in love with.  And very possibly purchased their first (and only) pair of Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahniks because of.  
Let's call this a flashback of product placement success, because let's face it - they did it incredibly well. The brands chosen to be featured didn't pay.  The brands fit the cast of characters, and by being real themselves, inarguably made the characters  more real as well. In this blog post we share Pierre Buttin's very well crafted and fun YouTube video, which highlights the brands who received mention in this product placement dream come true.  



Sex & TheSex__The_City.png City Brand Mentions

Sit back and take a watch at the most prolific of the brand mentions in the series.  And this doesn't even include all those hands on usages or even location shoots.

And take a guess and let us know how many brands are featured in this video alone!!


Want To Know How To Get What They Got?

Have you ever wondered how a comprehensive product placement program works?  Or do you want to know how to create a promotional partnership strategy with a movie partner?  This video will answer all of your questions as it shows the steps and processes taken by Hollywood Branded that lead to your brand increasing both consumer engagement and sales!

 How Product Placement Works Video