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Interested in brand partnerships with celebs and entertainment content?  Check out 40+ upcoming partnership opportunities and choose one (or more!) for Hollywood Branded to activate.  The result? Engaged consumers and increased sales!

In this blog post, we include over 40 hot partnership opportunities brand managers should definitely know about!



Celebrity Events

Opportunities exist for A-list celebrity affiliation, step & repeat logo branding, and event sponsorship with on-site activation. sampling, naming rights for awards, celebrity gifting suites, magazine partnerships, silent auctions, gift bags, celebrity photos, testimonials, PR, and more!

  • The Academy Awards & Associated Events
    • The biggest award show of the year, recognizing excellence in cinema and the film industry
    • Hollywood, CA; late February 
  • Art Basel Miami
    • Festival celebrating art and culture
    • Miami, FL; early December 
  • Costume Designers Guild Awards
    • An insider-only event celebrating the best designers in filmmaking, with extreme A-list celebrity presenters and attendees.
    • Los Angeles, CA; late February
  • The Golden Globes  & Associated Events
    • Recognizing successes in film, television, and general entertainment
    • Los Angeles, CA; mid-January 
  • The Gotham Awards
    • A prestigious insiders-only A-list event recognizing independent filmmakers and this year honoring Helen Mirren and Robert Redford 
    • New York, NY; late November
  • The Grammy Awards  & Associated Events
    • Recognizing excellence in music and the recording industry
    • Los Angeles, CA; early February 
  • Sundance Film Festival
    • The largest independent film festival in the US
    • Park City, Utah; January
  • SXSW
    • Festival celebrating music, film, and culture
    • Austin, TX; mid-March 

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Television - Scripted

Opportunities exist for Product Placement, Storyline integration and/or On-set brand sampling.

  • Ballers (drama, HBO)
    • The second season of this series follows a group of football players and their entourage in Miami
    • Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; in production to air in the summer of 2016 
  • Billions (drama, Showtime)
    • The ultimate showdown between US Attorney Chuck Roades and hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod
    • Starring Paul Giamatti; in production to air in winter 2016
  • Divorce (drama, HBO)
    • The series follows the long and arduous divorce of a New York couple 
    • Starring Sarah Jessica Parker; in production to air in 2016 
  • Fuller House (comedy spin-off, Netflix)
    • Based on the 1990 ABC comedy, with eldest daughter DJ Tanner-Fuller now a widowed mother of three
    • Starring John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure; in production to air in spring 2016
  • House of Cards (drama, Netflix)
    • Francis Underwood and his wife set out to revenge the political foes that halted his career path
    • Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright; in production to air in 2016 
  • Lady Dynamite (comedy, Netflix)
    • The semi-autobiographical tellings of comedian and actress Maria Bamford
    • Starring Maria Bamford; in production to air in 2016 
  • Scorpion (drama, CBS)
    • A group of brilliant misfits who constitute Homeland Security's new think tank help defend against the high-tech threats of the computer age.
    • Starring Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, and Katharine McPhee; currently airing and in production
  • Superstore (comedy, NBC)
    • The series follows the lives of employees at a major convenience store
    • Starring America Ferrera; in production to air in 2016 
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (comedy, Netflix)
    • The second season hit comedy in which a woman who is rescued from a cult moves to New York as a social blank slate and must find her way
    • Created by Tina Fey, starring Ellie Kemper; in production to air in 2016 
  • Veep (comedy, HBO)
    • Former senator Selina Mayer is in for several surprises when she is sworn into office as Vice President of the United States 
    • Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus; in production to air in spring 2016

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Television - Reality

Opportunities exist for Product Placement, Storyline integration, Sponsored segment, In-show prizing, and/or On-set brand sampling.

  • Best Time Ever (variety, NBC)
    • This new hit series incorporates celebrities, stunts, contests, crazy talent performances, and more
    • Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris; currently airing and still in production 
  • Diet Wars (makeover, ABC)
    • A new prime-time weight loss series where a group of overweight individuals are given the chance to regain their confidence and health through exercise and of course...diet!
    • 8 60-minute episodes for early 2016
  • Extra TV! (Entertainment News, NBC)
    • The top entertainment news series for brand partnerships
    • Hosted by Mario Lopez; currently airing and still in production 
  • Flipping The Shore (reality, FYI - an A&E network)
    • Follows the life, business, and home renovation of the former Jersey Shore party girl and her new family
    • Starring Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi; in production to air in the winter 
  • Let's Make A Deal (game show, CBS)
    • One of the top 2 game shows on air 
    • Hosted by Wayne Brady; currently airing and still in production 
  • Daytime Talk Shows (talk, All networks)
    • The Chew, The Doctors, Ellen DeGeneresGMA, Live with Kelly & MichaelSteve HarveyThe TalkThe Today ShowThe Viewand More!
    • Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Holiday-themed giveaways
  • Evening Talk Shows (talk, All networks)
    • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonThe Late Show With Stephen ColbertJimmy Kimmel Live and more!
    • Brand-sponsored segments and stunts

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Opportunities exist for Music Video IntegrationArtist social media programsTour sponsorship, Music download programs at retail, and more!  Please inquire based on music category and talent preference.

  • New opportunities received weekly - typical turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks maximum for brand decision and activation for music videos.  
  • Artist tour partnerships are available 2 to 3 months prior for planning purposes.

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Opportunities exist for Product Placement, Storyline integration, On-set brand sampling, Promotional co-branding of media and/or retail displays, and Premiere Party sponsorship.

  • Bridget Jones's Baby (romantic comedy, Universal)
    • The continuing saga of the British publicist, now in her 40s, and her new adventures and family drama
    • Starring Renee Zellweger; to be released in the fall of 2016 
  • CHiPs (action, Warner Bros)
    • Based on the 1970's-80's series about two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers
    • Directed by Dax Shepard, starring Kristen Bell; to be released in 2016-2017 
  • The Circle (sci-fi, distributor TBA)
    • Based on the novel by Dave Eggers, Mae Holland accepts a job at a powerful internet company where she becomes involved with a mysterious man
    • Starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson; to be released in 2016 
  • Collateral Beauty (Drama, New Line Cinema)
    • A tragic event sends a New York ad man on a downward spiral
    • Starring Will Smith, to be released in 2017
  • Jack Reacher 2 (action, Paramount)
    • In the eagerly awaited sequel, Reacher returns to his headquarters to find out he has been accused of homicide
    • Starring Tom Cruise; to be released in the fall of 2016 
  • Mother's Day (romantic comedy, distributor TBA)
    • The very star-studded coinciding tales of very different families on Mother's Day
    • Directed by Garry Marshall, starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and many more; to be released in the spring 
  • John Wick: Chapter 2 (action, Lionsgate)
    • Hitman John Wick is assigned to assassinate the sister of a former colleague
    • Starring Keanu Reeves; to be released in 2016-2017 
  • The Maze Runner:  The Death Cure (action, 20th Century Fox)
    • In this third installment of the hit YA franchise, Thomas embarks on a mission to find a cure to a deadly disease known as the "Flare"
    • Starring Dylan O'Brien; to be released in 2016-2017
  • The Purge 3 (horror, Universal)
    • A third installment of anarchy ensues when for 12 hours, all public safety services are brought to a halt
    • Starring Elizabeth Mitchell; to be released in the summer of 2016 
  • XXX:  The Return of Xander Cage (horror, Universal)
    • Xander Cage is left for dead after an incident, though he secretly returns to action for a new, tough assignment with his handler Augustus Gibbons
    • Starring Vin Diesel; to be released in 2016 

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Celebrity Social Media 

Celebrity partnerships targeting millennials, moms, or men created for social media campaigns and more!

  • Branded sponsored fan chat sessions
    • Multiple photo posts and 100 + brand hashtagged posts timed to align with the celebrity's television airing.
  • Single or multiple social posts (#ad)
    • Hashtagged brand call-outs, links, photos, and testimonials

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YouTube Celebrity Content

Opportunities exist for brand-called-out lyrics, "brought to you by", in scene styling, behind-the-scenes integration, and more

  • Princess Rap Battle  (parody, YouTube)
    • Two fictional storybooks or on-screen heroines face off in a fierce rap battle scripted from their fictional lives.  Female empowerment taken to a new level.  Reaching 10 to 70 MILLION views per video.  Bigger than any TV or film opportunity! Inquire for the next rap off-casting - it's HUGE and will be the biggest yet!  
    • Starring Whitney Avalon + an A-list female celebrity in each video; multi-cultural casting options are available based on brand feedback, next video is to be released in Q4 2015  

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on how to participate in these or 100+ other opportunities.

**We create relationships and activate partnerships on behalf of brand clientele. With limited exception, we do not specifically represent the properties listed in this guide, and work with the production personnel whom we have 20 years of established relationships with.


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On-screen brand exposure with celebs also influences consumers.  This short animated video called How It Works outlines each step of a brand’s comprehensive product placement program – another great way to get brands into celebrities' hands!

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