Award Season Is Coming - Ready To Get Your Celebrity Gift Bag On!


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Award season is just around the corner - and in fact, has already started with the Emmy's!  Around the corner are the Hollywood Film Awards, American Music Awards, Writer's Guild Awards, Gotham Awards and Women's Image Awards - all before 2017 even starts!  And there are fantastic opportunities for multicultural with Soul Train Awards and Latin Grammy's!  And then...January with Golden Globes, Grammy's and finally The Academy Awards.

Brand managers who are interested in understanding how to get your brand in these celebrity gift bag events - and actually get content takeaways to use for social media and PR too - should download our Celebrity Gift Bag 101 infographic which will help you ensure your next gift bag partnership is a success!  In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides some quick hints and tricks to get your brand featured in Hollywood's hottest celebrity gift bags.

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Celebrity Gift Bag 101

This infographic provides answers to questions commonly asked by brands about celebrity gift bags, which include:

  1. What participation options exist
  2. The screening process
  3. Overcoming hurdles
  4. Types of talent to target
  5. Ideal time to plan
  6. How to secure press

And you will learn more!

Download the Celebrity Gift Bag Infographic for Brand Managers



Celebrity Event Calendar

Are you interested in learning how to get photos of celebrities with your product while also obtaining press? Download our celebrity event planning calendar to see what event options exist where you can obtain tangible assets that can be shared with consumers, media outlets and retail distributors to impact your sales.

Celebrity Event Planning Calendar by Hollywood Branded