Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Foot Locker, DirecTV, Air Jordan, Tai Chi Panda


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From footwear to youth video games, this week has put the athlete at the forefront of celebrity endorsement ads. Read on to find out how the present and future of basketball, football, and fighting are giving brands a boost.


Foot Locker: Damian Lillard and Andrew Wiggins

In this spot, the two up-and-coming NBA stars encounter a hilariously delusional "Bobby Butter" on the basketball court, whose appearance and cheesy one-liners undermine his athletic skill. Foot Locker helps the athletes to "start fresh."




DirecTV: Tony Romo

The TV provider's football campaign persists, this time with Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo and his "Arts and Craftsy" alter-ego who still has basic cable.





Air Jordan: Blake Griffin

Live-action basketball meets animation in this dunk-filled ad that makes us all nostalgic for Space Jam. WB character Marvin the Martian stars alongside Griffin.




Tai Chi Panda: Ronda Rousey

The women's UFC champ and newfound hero shows off her fighting skills alongside the game's titular panda, upping its "cool" factor instantly.





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