Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Pantene, Old Spice, & Lancome


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Three brands that fall into the personal grooming category all have something to say about beauty in their newest celebrity endorsement ads. Read on to see how both male and female celebrities bolster their brands' messages about beauty.


Pantene: Selena Gomez

Professing that "Strong is Beautiful," Pantene highlights the hair-strengthening aspect of their products, particularly for those with heat-damaged hair. Beautiful and familiar young singer Selena Gomez further glamorizes this idea of healthy strength.




Old Spice: Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa

Athlete-turned-actor Terry Crews once again joins Old Spice's emblem eye candy, Isaiah Mustafa, in this ad spot promoting the new outdoorsy scent of Old Spice Timber. Targeted at the female shopper, this campaign plays up the beauty and sex appeal of a man who smells like a nature-loving tough guy. 




Lancome: Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong'o

The three beautifully diverse actresses ask "What makes a woman feel beautiful?" with their own unique responses; Lancome's Advanced Genefique provides the "youthful aura" that all three ultimately agree on. The campaign emphasizes both uniqueness and the idea of feeling beautiful, as opposed to looking how one thinks she is supposed to





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