Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Under Armour, Capital One, Wrangler, Domino's


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One of the interesting growing trends in celebrity endorsement ads is including a diverse group of stars in a single ad spot or campaign. This allows a brand to reach more psychographic markets in less than a minute, and to create a unique story by connecting the celebrities through the brand.

This week, we take a look both at successful ads that capitalize on multiple celebrities and those that feature the individual.

Under Armour: Stephen Curry, Misty Copeland, Jordan Spieth

Three of this year's hero athletes show that they are "the sum of all their training" in Under Armour as the basketball champion, principal ballerina, and pro golf prodigy practice their sports in sync with hundreds of clones of themselves.




Capital One: Jennifer Garner

As Jennifer Garner paces through the airport terminal, she looks past all the confused and disappointed faces to see how many travelers have been looped into bad deals with their airline miles. Her Capital One Venture Card, on the other hand, remains hassle-free.




Wrangler: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Though it's not necessarily common for celebrity ad spots, this ad connects the brand to the "average Joe" vibe as Nascar's Earnhardt Jr. stays comfortable in his Wranglers no matter where he goes. This way, the brand and product remain the stars of the show.




Domino's: Eva Longoria, Richard Sherman, Sarah Hyland, Clark Gregg

The perfect example of connecting celebs from all platforms, this spot features four fan favorites from television, movies, and football arguing over which is the best media platform to instantly order a Domino's pizza.




The Next Step: Connecting Your Brand To Celebrities


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