How IKEA & DreamWorks Use Branded Entertainment To Sell New Toy Line


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Ikea, a store known for its strangely named, assemble-at-home, sleek Norweigan furniture, has taken a step into the world of toys. Their new collection mixes mediums - games, puzzles, apps, and a short video series created with the help of Dreamworks, and seems like it was inspired by Bjork's closet. The idea is to bring kids and adults together - by enjoying playtime again.

Hollywood Branded looks at the brand integration partnership between Ikea and Dreamworks and this strategy not only will hopefully sell toys, but how their new line of toys will accomplish their goal of bringing kids and parents together in an engaging, playful, yet artistic manner.


What Is The World Of LATTJO?

Hollywood Branded looks at the IKEA and DreamWorks Branded Entertainment

LATTJO is a line of Ikea toys that incorporates costumes, board games, musical instruments, and puzzles as well as an app and a series of short films in collaboration with Dreamworks to reinvent the idea of play, as well as to return to some of the basics of toys - incorporating imagination with technology. 

IKEA has teamed up with DreamWorks to release short branded entertainment segments on YouTube between now and next spring to showcase the characters in the LATTJO world, as well as using the talents of some of the best storytellers in the business to immerse consumers in the LATTJO experience. It's quirky and strange, but LATTJO's fun and unique nature makes it intriguing and whimsical.



LATTJO Will Use Technology To Bring Families Together

One of the biggest goals of the LATTJO line is its digital space. This will be the first IKEA children's line that goes digital - the app will have games and puzzles, made to be played together, encouraging app users to interact with their family and friends as well as the world around them through the digital app. 

It's an interesting concept - using technology to foster human interaction - but it could be just the thing consumers are craving, and with DreamWorks on board to create the shorts that will ideally draw people to the IKEA line, this could be a very successful approach. 


LATTJO Is Aimed At Appealing to Parents as Well As Kids

 In the words of IKEA themselves...

"Playing is more than just a lot of fun. It reduces stress, fuels creativity, awakens curiosity, and generally just makes us feel good. And it’s even more fun to play together! It’s how we build relationships, form bonds, and learn how to interact with others."

This line is not built exclusively for children. It is also a way to form bonds between children and adults, as well as remind adults that playtime and enjoyment are important factors to a content and happy life, according to IKEA and their videos. 






So Will LATTJO And DreamWorks Make A Dream Couple?

DreamWorks certainly knows what they are doing in this arena - attracting a young audience with visually stunning and equally immersive stories - and will no doubt produce really cool videos, based on the first we've seen. The question is - will IKEA be able to attract an audience that has been slowly moving away from playtime with its new toy line? Will the videos be enough to draw consumers to LATTJO and create the sales force they are hoping for?

The idea of the LATTJO app is to reduce stress, promote togetherness, inspire creativity, and remind both children and adults that playtime is important. By pairing with Dreamworks, they are trying to appeal to the child in all of us- and may just succeed.


Brands And Entertainment Are Not Strangers

Brands make cameos and starring roles in entertainment content based on the power of celebrity engagement and the attention it brings to the brand - and the sales that accompany it.

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