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Sometimes, it's hard to tell if a film or TV show will live up to its hype. The widely storied and star-studded Our Brand Is Crisis is having a more modest run at the box office than expected. In any case, there are many aspects of a production that can make it a great fit for brand integration; the key is capitalizing on each one so that the brand does not have to suffer from potentially underwhelming audience numbers or reviews.

Read on for tips on how to avoid a branding "crisis" with any branded entertainment deal!

Use Hype To The Brand's Advantage

Maybe your brand is featured in a sequel to a huge film franchise, or the nth season of a marquee reality show. Maybe the original movie or pilot is on every billboard in the city, with the face of the Hollywood golden boy who plays the lead role beaming down.

This is your moment - before the show becomes a reality that is susceptible to scrutiny, jump on the "sneak peek" bandwagon. Create some promotional material, whether it be product licensed for retail or even just co-branded images and tweets. Once created, you have this material to repurpose for future brand positioning.

Capitalize On Cast

A coveted cast may be the cause of all the hype around your production. Rather than touting your brand as being the star of a forgettable film, talk it up as the perfect co-star alongside an Oscar winner, or the perfect accessory of the beloved comedian rather than the canceled series

Underwhelming shows and films may be forgettable, but marquee Hollywood stars certainly are not. Loyal fans will forgive Ben Affleck for Gigli, James Franco for This Is The End, or the entire cast of Movie 43 -and their names will live on, possibly as affiliates of your brand. But how do you ensure that everyone sees and remembers this connection between brand and celebrity?

Social, Social, Social!

If a tree fell in the forest and you didn't post the video loop on Vine, did it really happen? If you ate brunch and didn't post a beautifully filtered picture on Instagram, did it really happen?

In a similar vein, your brand could get noticed on screen, but then forgotten shortly after the crowd walks out of the theater. The best way to keep the chatter alive and documented is to post relevant content and photos on all social media channels and tag everyone involved - before, during, and after the integration hits the screen. 

Use The Partnership To Leverage New Ones

Another great advantage of working with Hollywood productions: many of your key points of contact on set are freelancers who move from one completed production to another (and sometimes several at a time!) The directors and crew will remember your brand representatives who supported them with integration, and you can leverage this relationship to work with them again on a totally different production. 

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