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The Reason Why Brand Marketers Should Be Interested in Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings

Posted by Stacy Jones on August 19, 2015 at 7:10 AM

A New Age In Ratings

Last year Nielsen launched its new TV Twitter ratings, adding a much-needed social media and streaming video on demand dimension to the information and measurement company's traditional method of measuring TV consumption.

Here's how it works: Nielsen tracks who is tweeting about a show three hours before, during, and three hours after the airing of a show. This shows them how many people are tweeting and reading those tweets about the show during that time period, which is extremely valuable. Equally valuable is the fact that this tracking method allows them to see not just how many are reading, but who is reading, which perhaps yields a great deal of empirical evidence for analysis.

Why Brand Marketers Should Pay Attention

Early analysis is in and - gathered from roughly 270 TV show episodes - the data points to sports and unscripted television as the big winners.


The tweeting audience of the most buzz worthy sports events, 2014 NFL Draft and the NBA playoffs, were not surprisingly made up of mostly men, making up 80% of those tweeting. However, those initial tweets reached a decent female audience, making up about half.


The Word on Reality

On the other hand, unscripted reality shows - namely reality competition shows such as “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” - brought in a majority of females. Over 70% of NBC’s “The Voice” were female, but those initial tweets too ended up reaching the opposite sex, about 43% male.

The ability to reach such a broad audience is a huge opportunity for networks and their advertisers, beyond usual viewership. And the ability to gather such detailed empirical evidence of that demographic information, Nielsen hopes that advertisers will how beneficial it is for their targeted, strategic campaigns.


What Brands Can Do

According to Deirdre Bannon, the VP of product for Nielsen Social, “Clients can build campaigns and engagement strategies that consider the audience reached by social TV activity and how that may complement or build on target audiences reached through traditional TV.”

With the way our media consumption has become fragmented across numerous screens, complicating the old processes of tracking, it makes sense that Nielsen has adapted this new way of measurement. This new way of gathering such valuable consumption information opens up limitless possibilities for advertisers and brands looking to hone in on specifics when building their campaigns.


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Sources: Deadline, LA Times

Topics: Public Relations, Social Media Strategy, Survey Statistics

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