Video Training: How Your Product Placement Program Works


Table Of Contents

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Hollywood Branded created this animated video to explain exactly how a brand's Product Placement program works at our agency.  This animated video provides you with an education about what types of opportunities are available, ways to keep your brand from being used negatively, how to expand exposure through co-branded campaigns outside the theater and more!

Watch the video now to get a better understanding of your comprehensive Product Placement program and what you get from it!

How To Know If Product Placement Is Right For Your Brand  

You will learn:

  1. Who the key decision makers are on set
  2. The types of opportunities available
  3. Why educating production on your brand is important
  4. Safeguarding your brand and controlling non-authorized usage
  5. How reporting and ROI measurement work
  6. Types of promotional strategies to broaden the exposure
  7. How to create a successful and strategic program

And More!


We'd love to hear your feedback on the video - and lt us know if you have any questions!

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Taking Any Mystery Out Of What Makes Product Placement So Benefecial For Brands 

Still have questions on WHAT makes Product Placement such a successful advertising tool?  Check out this video now!

Watch the video to learn what is Product Placement