Why GE's Branded Content With Jimmy Fallon Is Brilliant


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In case you haven’t seen it, Fallonventions is a segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sponsored by GE where young inventors are invited on the show to present their ideas to Jimmy and the audience along with Jimmy himself presenting ridiculous and hilarious inventions as well.

In this blog, we take a look at why this branded content and the partnership between Jimmy Fallon and General Electric is so successful.

What Makes It Work?

For starters, Fallonventions is just adorable. Who doesn’t love the idea of young inventors getting an opportunity to share their ideas with the world and have their ingenuity nourished and rewarded? It’s inspiring! That paired with one of America’s favorite faces and Saturday Night Live alumnus, Jimmy Fallon, just adds to the appeal. In fact, the segment was just named a Gold Award winner in the Branded Content medium of the 2015 Clio Awards for Advertising.


The Branding Is Obvious But Not Overwhelming

The segment doesn’t feel contrived or forced… Jimmy Fallon is just being himself, as are the kids. It is obvious that GE is the sponsor and partner but we as an audience aren’t overwhelmed by their presence. It’s natural and exciting and the inventions are too. Alongside this, brands do extremely well in the late-night television arena.  


It’s Innovative

Besides the kids being adorably dorky and heartwarming, the inventions are actually pretty clever. Our personal favorites are the “decrustifier,” a tool that slices a pizza while it simultaneously cuts the crust off as well as a stethoscope that can be attached to your smartphone and a flashlight powered by the heat of a human hand. Jimmy even contributes his own ridiculous inventions- including an edible cereal bowl and shoe headlights.



It Spurs Audience Interaction

The segment encourages young inventors to send in their ideas for a chance to win a New York City trip to be on the show along with a $5,000 prize. They encourage the audience to hashtag #MyFallonvention and #Fallonventions and therefore bring more awareness to the segment, the show, Jimmy Fallon, and of course, General Electric. 

The Numbers Tell Us It Works!



Next Steps To Successful Product Placement and Branded Content

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