Brand Marketers Use Political Issues To Market To Hispanics


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How Brands Are Responding To Donald Trump's Rhetoric To Court Hispanic Buyers

From the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has vowed to "build a wall" along the border of the United States and Mexico as well as deport all illegal immigrants. From his comments about "bad hombres" to insisting Mexico will pay for the wall, his comments on the Hispanic community have been offensive to many.

However, for brand marketers looking to target the Hispanic community, these polorizing viewpoints offer opportunities to create marketing around and make a statement. A few brands have already taken advantage of this opportunity - and there are undoubtedly more to come.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how brand marketers are using political issues to market to millennial Hispanic consumers.

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Tecate's Beer Wall

Tecate responded to Trump's vow to "build a wall" with their own version of a wall - made out of beer. The ad parodies the President-elect's method of speech as they narrate: "The time has come for a wall. A tremendous wall. The best wall."

Of course, the wall is not the same wall as the one Trump has proposed. Instead of concrete, they use beer. And, as the ad says, "While this wall may be small, it's going to be huge. It's going to bring people together."


While some brands have managed to tiptoe around political issues, Tecate used the opportunity as a perfect chance to tackle issues head-on with humor, targeting the very people who would be offended by Trump's words. And with its lighthearted humor and goodwill feeling of bringing people together, they join the conversation lightly without the risk of potentially alienating other consumers who may not be wall-averse.

Even more strategic was the brand's placement of the ad. It debuted during a Presidential debate on Fox News, Telemundo and Univision. Check it out:


Johnnie Walker - Keep Walking America

On quite a different note, Johnnie Walker harnesses the emotional power created by the climate of the election to market to the Hispanic community and far beyond.

The ad begins with an onscreen quote reading "Only look back to see how far you've come." Reciting the lyrics to Woody Guthrie's American anthem "This Land Is Your Land" alternately in English and Spanish, the narration leads us through a story of coming together and moving forward.


From the burly rancher up early to tend to his horses to the overworked doctor ready for the next patient to the soldier returning from war, Johnnie Walker's somber ad reminds America to "Keep Walking." 


In light of the recent political division and the distance many Americans feel from one another, this ad comes at a perfect time. It reminds us what we are made of and the diverse landscape of both America and its people.


More To Come...

As the nation takes a look at itself following an historical and surprising election, more and more brand marketers will attempt to use the emotions and issues surrounding it to market to consumers.

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