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How Brands Shared The Spotlight With Hollywood's Brightest Stars

The Academy Awards is one of the most dazzling events of the year, drawing massive viewing numbers for ABC.  The network airs the event, both before the show, during and after, giving brands a great opportunity to get eyes on their products - with the addition of some very sparkly star power.

Designers and jewelers are not the only brands who made an appearance during this year's Oscar awards.  Brands like Samsung were presenters, while Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes actually fell from the sky into the hands of waiting celebs in their black tie clothing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the highlights of brand sponsorships at the 2017 Oscars, and how they won big time. 

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It's Raining Candy

Never underestimate the power of free stuff. While the celebrity attendees of the Oscars were gifted some amazing gift bags, it's the floating candy that fell from the sky that we remember vividly.  You have to admit, it was kinda amazing.  Halfway through the awards show, host Jimmy Kimmel asked the audience if they were hungry... and then Red Vines and Junior Mints came raining down attached to little white parachutes.


Not only were the candies a welcome relief to Hollywood stars who had probably not eaten in hours (or days) but the branding was on point. After all - what goes better than candy and the movies! Not only did the candy brands receive a verbal mention, but their treats made it into the hands of the biggest names in show business. Later, when Jimmy Kimmel asked the young star of Oscar-nominated Lion which candies he liked, he shouted "Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes," an unexpected moment of great branding for the candy company.

Back To The Future Is Back Again

When Back To The Future came out in 1985, the product placement for the DeLorean, Nike and Pepsi, to name just a few of the brands in the film, was groundbreaking. 

When the date Marty and Doc travel to in the future rolled around last year, the brands featured in the movie experienced an amazing chance to amplify their placement. The film had become a cult classic and Nike and Pepsi used the opportunity to actually create the products they had envisioned would exist in the present  - 20 years ago. Check out our blog on How Futuristic Product Placements Make Brands Memorable for more on the amazing placement.

The 2017 Oscars were just another great chance for the film's branding to get even more exposure. The theme of this year's Oscars was "inspiration" and Seth Rogen's inspiration just happened to be Michael J. Fox and Back To The Future. Appearing onstage together, Rogen was wearing the Nike self-lacing shoes as featured in the movie and released to celebrate the date anniversary.


Even the DeLorean itself got some love too as Rogen and Fox got out of one sitting right in the middle of the Oscars stage to present the award. Rogen announces with excitement, "I'm at the Oscars with a DeLorean and Michael J. Fox wearing future shoes." The Nike logo is inescapable, especially as the camera zooms in on the shoes.

If history (or the present) has told us anything, Back To The Future may have been the single best product placement move Nike and Pepsi have ever done - and its a perfect example of how brand integration is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Oscars Prank That Involved Everyday People

Hollywood Starline is a Hollywood tour bus that takes tourists around Los Angeles to see the Walk Of Fame, stars' homes, and other famous Hollywood landmarks. But the passengers were in for a huge surprise when they walked into the ongoing Academy Awards!

Unbeknownst to them, the tour had led them to the Oscars and when the doors opened, they were led down the aisle to be introduced to stars like Nicole Kidman, Ryan Gosling, and Denzel Washington.


While the tourists had an experience of a lifetime, it was the tour company that really won big. With their name on the side of the bus up on the screen for the world to see, it made America think that perhaps if they ride the Hollywood Starline tour bus, they may just get to touch Ryan Gosling as well. It was a fantastic sponsorship.  

And what about the sunglasses Jennifer Aniston gave to one of the women on the tour? This sparked a huge debate online, but if the internet is right, the sunglasses are a $525 pair of shades from designer Jason Wu made to celebrate his brand's 10 year anniversary. Even if these aren't the pair, the brand has gotten tons of attention from the speculation.

Want Your Brand Involved In Awards Season?

While your product may not come raining from the ceiling of the Dolby Theatre, you can still get your brand in the hands of celebs through celebrity gift bags.

Are you interested in understanding how to get your brand in celebrity gift bags - and actually get content takeaways to use for social media and PR too?  Download our Celebrity Gift Bag 101 infographic which will help you ensure your next gift bag partnership is a success!

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