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Home Organization, But Make It Branded 

It's been an eventful few months here at Hollywood Branded, and one standout project I've had the pleasure to work on has been the partnership between our client, Pilot Pen, and my favorite home organization brand, The Home Edit.

We are proud to say we successfully united Pilot Pen and The Home Edit and worked closely with both brands to develop creative social media posts, newsletter integrations, branded content, and more. 

If you're not familiar with The Home Edit, its female founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have become household names, dominating both Netflix and social media with their bubbly personalities and expertise in organizing. With a massive social media following, several best-selling books, and the success of their Netflix show, "Get Organized with The Home Edit," the ladies behind The Home Edit have successfully branded themselves as the go-to experts in home organization. 

In this article, Hollywood Branded offers an insider’s view of the dynamic partnership between The Home Edit and Pilot Pen, exploring the strategic alliance that skillfully wove together social media trends, organizational flair, and stylish branding.

THE x Pilot Pen


Clea and Joanna hold a significant influence in the realm of home organization and aesthetics. When seen posing with Pilot Pens on social media, their association inherently acts as a form of celebrity endorsement for the brand. Their widespread recognition and authoritative voice in the organization sphere impart a sense of credibility and trust to the Pilot Pen brand. By showcasing Pilot Pens in their curated content, Clea and Joanna indirectly endorse the pens, portraying them as essential tools within their expertly organized spaces, amplifying the perceived value and desirability of Pilot Pen products among their loyal and engaged audience. 


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keeping up with the trends

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos have surged in popularity across social media platforms, captivating audiences with their soothing and immersive auditory experiences. The trend's success lies in its ability to trigger a pleasurable, tingling sensation, providing viewers with a unique and calming sensory experience. Pilot Pen and The Home Edit embraced the ASMR trend with a mesmerizing pen organization video. The content not only followed the latest trends but also brought out the unique brand messages of both The Home Edit - known for its color-coded approach to organization - and Pilot, celebrated for their diverse and colorful range of G2 gel ink pens.


Organizing a drawer counts as self-care, especially when sorting pens in rainbow order 🌈✨ Fun fact: Did you know that color can actually positively affect our mood and stress levels? That means we had no choice but to stock up on all 40 colors of our favorite @Pilot Pen G2 pens ❤️ #ad #pilotpenpartner

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increasing sales

The inclusion of Pilot Pen in The Home Edit's newsletter that boosts over 300k subscribers presented a strategic opportunity to significantly boost sales. As The Home Edit's followers trust and admire their organizational expertise, featuring Pilot Pen in their newsletter acted as a powerful endorsement. The click-through link provided a direct pathway for engaged subscribers to explore and purchase Pilot Pen products. The seamless integration of Pilot Pen within the newsletter aligned with the shared values of both brands—organization and quality—created an enticing proposition for subscribers to enhance their own spaces with the recommended writing instruments. 

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Emerging with pop culture

Pilot Pen's collaboration with The Home Edit seamlessly integrated the brand into the realm of popular culture. As Clea and Joanna  have become influencers and cultural icons in their own right, the collaboration places Pilot Pen at the intersection of functionality and style within the context of popular culture. By aligning with a brand that has transcended traditional boundaries and garnered a dedicated following, Pilot Pen not only tapped into a trendsetting audience but also positioned itself as an integral part of contemporary conversations surrounding the pursuit of a well-curated life.


With Clea Shearer being known for her impeccable handwriting, it was a no brainer to shoot and capture content of her and her family writing with Pilot’s FriXion erasable pens. Whether jotting down organizational masterpieces or crafting aesthetically pleasing to-do lists, the partnership helped accentuate the importance of a quality writing instrument and the allure of good penmanship. 

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