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The Montero Show 

Lil Nas X. Even if you don't listen to his music, it's virtually impossible to go a day without hearing about him. His rise to becoming a household name has been swift; it seems as though it was just yesterday when "Old Town Road" was being blasted across the airwaves! 

Since the release of his first single, "Montero," Lil Nas X has been hyping up the release of his highly anticipated album—which is of the same name. From sharing his "pregnancy journey" as he prepared to "birth" the album, to creating a 10-minute short film, Lil Nas has made it impossible not to be excited about this masterpiece! In this blog, Hollywood Branded breaks down some of the best product placement moments in Lil Nas X's album trailer for MONTERO

Lil Nas X case study

What Is The Montero Show?

As a way to create even more excitement for his debut album, Lil Nas X created his own talk show, in which he interviews, well, himself. Lil Nas adopted the character of Montero in order to interview Lil Nas X to conduct a countdown to the album. Lil Nas X and Montero went through Lil Nas' videography and ranked each video, with Lil Nas X explaining why he likes and doesn't like each of his videos. This created a fantastic opportunity for past product placement brands to get some extra on-screen air time within the replay.

Lil Nas X has been promoting this album since he announced its release in June! From insane, over-the-top performances, to parodies of well-known pop culture moments, to even a faux pregnancy, Lil Nas X has stopped at nothing to get fans excited. This mini talk show and countdown to the album is no exception, and really showcases how much of a marketing genius Lil Nas X is! 

The Montero Show Lil Nas X

Product Placement In The Montero Show 


Doritos got an amazing call-out in Lil Nas' video for his song "Rodeo." Not only did the chip brand get placement in the original video, but they also got placement in his "Countdown to MONTERO" video in The Montero Show. While the placement was short, it was a central placement and was almost impossible to miss. I know I was craving some Cool Ranch Doritos after watching this! 

Screenshot (134)-1

Estee Lauder 

Another brand that got to double dip in the product placement pool is Estee Lauder. Also appearing in the "Rodeo" music video, the beauty brand got a central shot of their Advanced Night Repair Serum in both the music video and in The Montero Show! However, Lil Nas X didn't shy away from poking fun at the irony of this placement; after the clip aired, he pondered why a vampire would need an anti-aging serum! It's actually a unique brand partnership as it does feel off-brand.  Not always a bad thing if you are purposely doing it to open doors to new consumers, which seems likely here.

Estee Lauder x Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X is all about skincare! Lil Nas created an in show "ad" integration with the top-selling Korean beauty brand, KAHI.

He partnered with the beauty brand to showcase their anti-wrinkle Multi Balm, and his character, Montero, shared the benefits of using the Korean Beauty Balm! The slightly over-the-top integration poked fun at how absurd some brand integrations could be, while still sharing the brand's messaging points, bringing everyone together on the joke, making it a win-win for both the brand and the artist! Lil Nas X was able to stay true to his comedy and authenticity, while still making sure that the brand was able to share their selling points, making this an incredibly organic partnership! 

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PS5 And Jeep

Lil Nas X embodied a futuristic Santa Claus in his "Holiday" music video - complete with robot elves! Since he was playing a version of St. Nicholas in his Christmas video, it was only natural for him to have product integrations within the video! As he drove a Jeep around his lair, his robot elves played on the newest PS5. 

Screenshot (134)

Screenshot (132)

That's What Brands Want 

Everything Lil Nas X touches turns to gold. From multi-platinum singles, to tons of awards and praise from critics, it's virtually impossible for him to not make headlines! He doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, and his unapologetic confidence is what keeps fans coming back for more. Even when it comes to brand deals, Lil Nas works tirelessly to make sure that the partnership will be talked about.

He approaches brand partnerships incredibly holistically; he won't partner with a brand that he doesn't personally align with. He's one of the rare artists that can authentically and organically highlight the best of a brand, while still sharing the messaging points that a brand cares about. He doesn't just make the brand a prop - he makes sure that there is a reason behind every collaboration!

Lil Nas X

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