Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Jergens, Nike, KFC, T-Mobile


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While humor continues to reign the world of celebrity endorsement ads, any type of relatable emotion tends to produce a good feeling in advertising.  Actors, comedians, and athletes alike drive the success in this week's roundup of celebrity endorsement ads.


Jergens: Leslie Mann

KAO skincare brand Jergens takes a new risk with this funny Leslie Mann campaign.  Her poker face adds to the shock value when she says "Soft and beautiful isn't just about your face, it's about your butt."  This campaign could be a quick game-changer in brand image!




Nike: Mia Hamm, Anthony Davis, and More

In this piece studded with talent from every professional sport you can think of, a young and hopeful child is repeatedly approached by pro teams claiming to be "short a guy." Living every athlete-hopeful's dream, the kid suits up in Nike and, as if by magic, is ready to compete on each pro sports team.





KFC: Darrell Hammond

Comedic Actor Darrell Hammond revives his recurring KFC endorsement by selecting the supposed "America's Favorite Music" to accompany America's favorite chicken.  A mandolin band might not be the expected choice, and just about all different music lovers can empathize with its element of surprise.




T-Mobile: Joel McHale

The hilarious Community star manages to both satirize our growing need for all things on-demand and call out random cafe customers for their personal reasons for on-demand phone usage in this ad spot.





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