Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Gillette, Beats (Again!), Keurig


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The common theme of this week's celebrity endorsement ad roundup is the feel-good narrative of each campaign.  Read on to see how athletes Sergio Aguero and Draymond Green and beloved actor Hugh Jackman star alongside their brands to tell effective stories.

Gillette And Sergio Aguero: Kicking Tweets To The Fans

The Proctor & Gamble shaving brand has done it again in the world of sports by partnering with Argentinian soccer star Sergio "Kun" Aguero.  Building on the trend of connecting to fans, the campaign features a giant mounted keyboard; Aguero kicks his soccer ball aimed at the different keys to type tweets at his fans.  The powerful ad combines creative technology, and an emotional connection to the celebrity, and builds on Gillette's powerful sporty branding.




Beats And Draymond Green: Hear What You Want To Hear

The starter for the newly crowned champion Golden State Warriors follows in the footsteps of many athletes endorsing the fashionable Beats headphones.  This campaign, loosely based on the comedic series of celebrities/athletes reading mean fan tweets, features Green reading the comments of all of his doubters, and using his beats to strategically tune them out.  The music of Eminem also co-stars in this ad, as it plays in Green's Beats headphones for extra positive motivation.




Keurig And Hugh Jackman: The Cup Half Full

Jackman narrates a tale of optimism in this ad, spurred by an encounter with a coffee farmer and connected back to the theme of the cup half-full.  The background follows his journey from Ethiopia to New York as he spreads joy with every cup and every laughing man.




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Celebrity Endorsement Ads

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