Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Hardee's, Citi and Skittles


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Funny Will Always Be A Classic For Celebrity Ads

This week's round-up of celebrity endorsement ads remind us that simple, funny ads are as effective as anything, especially when you add a celebrity into the mix.  After all, celebrities engage - and making the content itself actually interesting and laugh-out-loud brings even more engagement to brands by consumers willing to skip the fast forward on their DVR.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at celebrity endorsement ads from Hardee's, Citi and Skittles featuring Katy Perry, Charles Esten and Sandy Martin from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Hardee's - Charles Esten

In this new spot from Hardee's, Charles "Chip" Esten, star of Nashville is barely recognizable as "Carl Hardee, Sr." in a beard and redneck clothing, sitting at a barbeque restaurant. When the cook in the kitchen gets turned down by the owner for his idea of taking the bone out of ribs and making them into a sandwich, Esten and his companion decide to take the million dollar idea for themselves. Check it out:



Citi Bank - Katy Perry

Citi Bank's latest ad features the Princess of Pop, Katy Perry, casually being reminded of everything that can and will go wrong in a perfomance of her size. The ridiculous wardrobe changes aren't ready? Check. The pyrotechnics will go off at an alarming time? Check.   You know - all those things that actually do happen behind the scenes!

The ad's point is that it would be great if everyone said what they meant and didn't catch people off guard - which is what the Citi Double Cash Card does. Check it out:

Skittles - Sandy Martin

Skittles tends to have a bit weirder, darker sense of humor in their ads, and this Mother's Day is no exception. The brand got gloriously strange with an ad very oddly praising the sanctity of motherhood.

Sandy Martin, a cult celebrity who rose to fame as Mac's mother on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, plays a mother eating Skittles and passing them to her grown (and very deformed looking) son via an umbilical cord.

While the spot may be just too weird for some, it certainly catches your attention. Check it out:


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